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dancing in which the steps are more important than gestures or postures

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Goel manages Bollywood Step Dance and is a broadcast journalist.
Says Kim Webb, Director, Step by Step Dance School: "This is a very elegant dance and competitors will all learn the same routine to compete on the night.
Pat's Dancers, a children's step dance group based in Newfoundland's capital city, St.
La Torre, A, Impellizzeri, FM, Rampinini, E, Casanova, F, Alberti, G, Marcora, SM: Cardiovascular responses to aerobic step dance sessions with and without appendicular overload.
Like the other members of the group, Leahy learned to dance from his mother, Julie, a step dance champion.
Tomorrow she will be taking part in a step dance competition.
She has spent the last six weeks learning Latin and ballroom dances with her allocated dance partner, provided by event organisers Dancing Feet Coventry and the Step By Step Dance School, ahead of the allimportant Strictly Coventry 2015 finale today and tomorrow at the Britannia Hotel in Fairfax Street, Coventry.
Those taking part on Sunday include Annette Bracey School of Dance, Let's Dance Cardiff and Caerphilly, Whitchurch School Of Ballet, Alison Lee Academy of Dance and Two Step Dance Company.
Step dance for 2, 3 or 4 12-25 years: Aelwyd yr Ynys.
It's designed to be hard enough to withstand tap, Irish step dance, and flamenco, but has slip-resistance for ballet, modern, and jazz," she says of the vinyl floor, which is available in black or gray.
June's dance partner has been provided by event organisers Dancing Feet, Coventry and the Step by Step Dance School.
Step Dance mixed party Year 6 and under: Ysgol Bro Gwydir, Uwch Conwy.
Carr, a contributor to DANCE MAGAZINE, offers a mix of traditional Irish step dance with full-bodied modern dance.
Tutors at Dancing Feet Coventry and Step By Step Dance School are searching for nine male and nine female volunteers - aged 18 or over - to take on the challenge of learning one latin and one ballroom dance in time for this year's show at the Britannia Hotel, in Fairfax Street, over the weekend of March 14 and 15.
In a studio at the McInerney School of Irish Step Dance in Auburn, Clare McInerney Gentilucci had just come off a weekend of competition with her students, ages 5 to 22, at the New England Championships in Providence.