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a tree diagram showing a reconstruction of the transmission of manuscripts of a literary work

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an eye having a single lens

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The absence of a corneal lens on each stemma was readily apparent when non-sclerotized internal material was removed with 15% KOH.
The school - motto Virtus Non Stemma (Worth Not Birth) - revelled in a rivalry with the more famous establishment on the hill above and Anderson and Portillo were just the sort of pupils they relied on to shine.
Orchard assists serious readers by including a chronology of events from 1533 to 1622 and reproductions of the title page and table of contents of Bussows manuscript, along with a complete scholarly apparatus: extensive annotations, stemma of Bussows chronicle, notes on the manuscript sources, occasional maps, a brief but select bibliography, appendices of two of Bussows letters and his rough, hand-drawn map of Moscow, along with a most useful reconstruction and clarification of that sketch.
The genealogical trees of several elite Urukean families include stemma populated with many Greek names.
In kritischer Auseinandersetzung mit Holzberg/Courtney, Herrmann, Lefevre und Weinreich prasentiert Vannini ein in vieler Hinsicht ansprechendes eigenes Stemma (S.
Marco Ruffini intraprende questo studio scegliendo di analizzare lo stemma araldico della famiglia papale che, come definisce l'autore stesso, puo essere inteso come vera e propria <<segnaletica politica>>.
06 mm); prominent sensilla of the head capsule include 7-12 temporal spines on each side, lamellae clypeales, and hair- like sensilla associated with each stemmatal region; stemmatal region posterior to origin of antennae and mandibles, four anterodorsal and two anteroventral stemmata, stemmata 3 and 5 (9) somewhat larger, ovoid in shape, directed anterolaterally, cellular sacs visible externally but with only modest penetration of cranial interior; diffuse, obscure, rudimentary visual area (1) between stemma 1 and the terminus of frontal suture; gular suture present; posterior tentorial pits visible meso-ventrally.
One need only to look along the main axis of vision from the entrance of the building down the length of the nave to see the stemma (heraldic crest) of the Popolo in the keystone of the arch of the east tribune, a clear signal of how important the communal function of this building was to the people of Florence.
31) The variants Piero used included the Medici stemma enclosed by the single diamond ring, three interlocking diamond rings alone, and a single diamond ring with three feathers and the Medici motto SEMPER, meaning "always" or "forever.
Although Magee gives a rationale that would seemingly justify the stemma for the transmission of the text from the archetype to the known witnesses (pp.
The Text of 'Paradise Lost': A Stemma for the Early Editions.
This is the stemma of the Medici, as established in 1465, with five red roundels--here painted in manganese, since red was not available--and one blue one with three gold fleurs-de-lis.
La quete des morts et le stemma du Roland rime'; Alberto Varvaro, `Ipotesi per una nuova storia della letteratura francese medievale'; Theo Venckeleer, `Quelques reflexions sur le style formulaire'; Philippe Verelst, `Aspects du merveilleux dans Mabrien'; Martine Willems-Delbouille, `Creativite lexicale et traduction: l'exemple de la Vie de saint Guillaume de Maleval (ms.
De Robertis non costruisce alcuno stemma, essendo impossibile mettere sullo stesso piano tradizioni unitarie cosi diverse come quella della Vita nova e del Convivio rispetto a quello delle Rime; cio non significa che l'edizione di ogni componimento non sia "critica".