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a tree diagram showing a reconstruction of the transmission of manuscripts of a literary work

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an eye having a single lens

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Seventeen oaths of Hippocratic stemma were studied when analyzing the prohibition of administering poisonous/deadly drugs.
LXXXI); teria sido util ainda abordar o problema da situacao hipotetica que a editio Cuspiniani (1513) devera ocupar no stemma codicum (ao seu enunciado, na p.
This is the setting in which the Spanish professor from Yale made his remarks concerning what he called the reconstruction of the Chanson de Roland: he fundamentally discounted the Stengel edition because it gave an aesthetically flawed account of the text as reflected most notably in the Oxford manuscript and praised the Muller edition, which had been abandoned by scholars after Stengel's achievement; he did so not because it was an impeccable product, but because in its stemma, it placed the Oxford manuscript in a singular and prominent position.
The cuticle above each stemma usually forms a biconvex corneal (cuticular) lens exterior to the crystalline cone and the various stemmatal sensory components of the cranial interior (5), (6).
Del Puppo re-examines the value of descripti, manuscripts clearly derived from other manuscripts, which, as copies, can be ruled out in a philological stemma.
Jonathan Evans, in an elegant yet densely argued essay, rounds off this section by considering words, things, and truth; Tolkien's primary image of the Tree of Tales, the wisdom of Treebeard the Ent in Lord of the Rings, the Old English pun on treo (tree) and treow (truth, faith) to which Shippey calls attention in Poems of Wisdom and Learning in Old English (Cambridge: Brewer, 1976), the tree-diagrams of the philological stemma and the close interconnection between narrative invention and linguistic imagination.
Marco Ruffini intraprende questo studio scegliendo di analizzare lo stemma araldico della famiglia papale che, come definisce l'autore stesso, puo essere inteso come vera e propria <<segnaletica politica>>.
Connections are central to all of the articles, whether focused on connections between text and image, male monks and female monks, individual manuscripts and textual stemma, or reform houses and one another.
The second is devoted entirely to a description of the manuscripts and the creation of a tentative two-page stemma (pp.
The identity of the young Florentine banker, Bindo Altoviti, is certain, as research on the family stemma and the painting's provenance has confirmed.
Thomas Smith en "Un stemma para los manuscritos del arte para aprender la lengua mexicana (1547) de Andres de Olmos" nos presenta los elementos que debemos de tomar en cuenta para poder determinar la forma original de una obra, mediante la construccion de un arbol genealogico en la comparacion de diferentes versiones de un mismo documento.
One roundel shows a funeral procession in which confraternity members carry a coffin marked with the Misericordia's stemma.
The filiations may be summarized in a stemma, shown in Figure 8.
En el breve estudio introductorio se discute la cronologia del Relato, aspectos de critica textual y se presenta un escueto stemma de transmision textual.
Stemma Press, 1938 Bowsens Lane, Woodbury, MN 55125.