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Synonyms for stellar

indicating the most important performer or role

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being or relating to or resembling or emanating from stars


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The system-along with recent partnerships with noteworthy companies including IBM, Barclays and Deloitte-has some analysts feeling bullish about the potential for the Stellar network and cryptocurrency.
As a global expert in Managing Customer Relationships, Stellar provides quality customer interactions for a number of leading global brands.
1 -- 2) Above, Epifania Smith and Betty May work at Stellar Microelectronics, which makes chips such as the microchip module, at left, for aerospace and biotech uses.
Stellar recently finished Brumos Motor Cars' detail center expansion and additional office space was added to the Lexus of Jacksonville showroom.
Stellar Business Bank is being advised by King, Holmes, Paterno & Berliner, LLP and Western Financial Corporation.
The partnership fulfills an important and unmet need in the Stellar ecosystem OR significantly improves upon an existing solution; and
Mr Jensen also took the opportunity to thank Mr Morphett for the major contribution he has made to the establishment, growth and global reach of the Stellar companies and looks forward to Morphett's continued leadership as Chairman.
Thirteen years ago Beaver Street Fisheries of Jacksonville, Florida contracted with Stellar for one of their first projects, and now is contracting Stellar for one of their first international projects, a new facility in the Bahamas.
Classic Security has been awarded a multi-million dollar service contract by Stellar Management for Independence Plaza, a residential complex located at 310 Greenwich Street.
Somewhere in the spiral reaches of our galaxy, a stellar womb slowly assembles.
Stellar, a recognized name in data recovery software and services, today announced the release of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery v 4.
In the SCIENCE paper, Lada and Shu outline their star-formation theory, which includes a vital role for stellar "winds.
Stellar Satellite Communications, a leader in the design and provisioning of satellite and terrestrial modems that remotely track and monitor assets globally, today announced that it has moved to a new location.
The newly-remodeled Bridgewater Corporate Center will welcome its first tenant when Stellar Academy, an innovative early childhood learning center takes occupancy of one-third of the building encompassing 16,000 s/f of space as its first New Jersey educational facility.
Evidence for the findings, which may influence how astronomers think about the origin of stellar magnetic fields, came from several starlight measurements, including detections of telltale changes in the spectra emitted from certain of the star's atomic elements, most notably silicon and helium.