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an ancient upright stone slab bearing markings


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Stela Nazareth Meneghel, alem de doutora em medicina/ ciencias medicas, com pos-doutorado em psicologia social e ampla trajetoria profissional, tem experiencia na area de saude coletiva em vigilancia da saude, vulnerabilidades, genero e violencias, enquanto Elizabeth Fleury Teixeira, mestra em sociologia, coordena o Comite Nacional Pro-Equidade de Genero e Raca da Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz, entre outras acoes, foi tambem ativista nos grupos de resistencia democratica e pelos direitos das mulheres.
Carved stone monuments, such as Stela 44, have been unearthed in dozens of other important Maya ruins and each has made a critical contribution to the understanding of Maya culture.
Adil Bentafrit (Morocco), Ahmad Hamoud (UAE), Brett Dickerson (USA), Khalid Hamdaoui (Holland), Khalid Al Maflahi (UAE), Llion Thomas (UK), Marc Evans (UK), Paul Walker (UK), Reda Al Hammouni (Morocco), Seth Amoafo (Ghana), Stela Samuela (Romania).
From Colliers' perspective it was interesting to see such a high interest amongst architects and engineers who are eager to learn the latest techniques regarding the green building movement worldwide as well as learning more specifically about what it takes to certify a building according to LEED," said Stela Dhami, Managing Director of Colliers Albania.
The construction of the gate tower on to which the base of this stela was built, gives the mid-ninth century BC as a terminus post quem for its erection (Arav 2001: 244).
A detailed portrait of Lady K'abel comes from a stela dated to 692 AD that was looted from Waka' in the late 1960s.
Jena, her older sister Tatiana, and her younger sisters Iulia, Paula and Stela all have a secret: every month on the night of the Full Moon, they open a secret portal into the Other Kingdom for a night of dancing among fairies, dwarves and trolls.
The stela is intricately carved with the representation of a nine-storey house that is strikingly similar to the architectural style of building still used at Hadramaut in southern Yemen.
This stone, called a stela, was then put in a place where townspeople could see and discuss it.
Mexico, Campeche or Quintana Roo, from an unknown site in the vicinity of Calakmul, Maya Culture, Stela.
As I took notes sitting on a stela, a dozen came by to see what I was doing.
Muriel Subirade, Stela Dairy Research Centre, Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods Institute, Laval University, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, Paul- Comtois Building, Room 1415, Quebec, QC, G1K 7P4 Canada; phone: 418-656-2131; fax: 418-656-3353; email: muriel.
In a vibrant, understated prose that has been handsomely rendered into English by Stela Tomasevic, Jergovic brings a powerful cocktail of irony, humor, and detachment to the daunting task of crafting stories asserting the potency of lives that continue to improbably unfurl against a backdrop of bullets and explosions or resonate after they are cut brutally short.
Stela Artemi, a Moldovan Economics student, says that her visit to Caux last summer 'totally changed' her.
But his heart leapt as wife Kristina went into labour the night before the game and he cuddled baby daughter Stela as he watched his countrymen scuttle Scotland's qualifying hopes with a 1-0 win.