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The 12 paddlers shared this incomparable victory with their coach - who served as their steersman and motivator, their drummer, AaAeAeAY Pabatao said.
I had great fun performing the roles of Cavaradossi and Steersman in the productions of Tosca and The Flying Dutchman, and it would be remiss of me to not include pieces that I have performed on stage.
Writer Hristo Petreski comments in Sloboden pecat that it is universal truth that if the ship has no steersman or if the steersman does not know how to steer the ship to the right direction, passengers will never arrive to their destination, or they will arrive late and to a wrong location.
Ainsworth made his Seattle Opera debut in 2016 as the Steersman in Wagner's The Flying Dutchman and notes, with a wry laugh, that "you can't sing that like you'd sing [Charpentier's] Jason obviously," he chuckles.
7) A Jacob Remmessen or Remmetsz was employed by the VOC as a steersman, ship unspecified, circa 1619 (Leupe, 1868, p.
We rowed out in the river; I pulling on one side, Tom's oar on the other, and Nat acting as steersman.
The delicate convergence of opposite instances (the huge cosmic size, and its minuscule pivot; the timely control of a steersman and the balanced autonomy of a revolving cosmos) is in the Statesman a model for an ethical ideal of right measure.
And just as it was in the days of the Roman Trireme, the gubernare (governor steersman, pilot) called out directional (tactical direction based on strategic requirements) orders to which the rowers would respond to steer the ship confidently into battle, maneuvering to avoid shoals and reefs.
Nevertheless, with the mercy of God as our captain and steersman and our sails filled with the propitious wind of his divine spirit, we shall pick through all these dangers the true and safe course, and reach the harbour which we seek, free and unhurt after a smooth voyage.
44) More's contrast between sleeping and wakeful states reveals his ideal: A bishop who should be a vigilant pilot or steersman of his own soul and of Christ's church.
His topics include necromedia theory and posthumanism, dreadmill, angels in digital armor, myth of the steersman, roach lab, and existential terror and horror philosophy.
17) Named cybernetics to invoke the Greek term for steersman (or pilot) kybernet.
In support of this conclusion, I discovered that the pole was lower than the pilot house, so that the steersman could easily see it.
Jennifer, who has been a sighted steersman for the group since this summer, said: "Karen and I had such a fantastic time completing our 13 challenges in the past year.
When the tale is over, the steersman gives the word "Que-nuk, que-nuk, whid tuck" (now, now, hurry), when all again paddle away with a desperate energy for a few moments, and then the same scene is again enacted.