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F] between the ideal steering angle and real turning angle of the wheel which is caused by the steering mechanism geometry is called "the steering error" or "Ackermann error".
When crossing these scratches they have a tendency to follow them and it is this scratch-guiding or track steering mechanism, which generates the sideway force necessary to cause the curl.
Pointing the establishment of the High Level Cooperation Council in 2010 Deputy Minister Koru said that the Council reflected the strong political will on both sides to sustain the momentum in bilateral relations and acted as a steering mechanism to further the multi-dimensional cooperation.
Cutting-edge aerodynamic technology ensures that the Aurion experiences straight line stability, while a newly adopted column mounted electric power steering mechanism allows an optimum level of vehicle control.
It is because of problems with the steering mechanism and the hybrid system water pump.
77 million cars globally to problems with the steering mechanism and the hybrid system water pump -- its second multi-million car recall in two months, according to a Reuters report.
In addition to this, the company claims to have improved the driving comfort with a revised suspension set-up, including an anti-roll bar at the front, and a steering mechanism.
The rear steering box--from the author's perspective--includes (contains) a cam with double profiles that drives the slide block, or the rocking lever of the steering mechanism.
federal grand jury in New York demanding the submission of documents related to steering mechanism problems.
The vehicles are being recalled because of the danger of rust in the steering mechanism, which in rare cases can result in drivers loosing control of the vehicle.
Bad weather has also kept Abby Sunderland from repairing mechanical problems, including malfunctions to both auto-pilots and a hydraulic fluid leak in the steering mechanism.
Together with the company's specialty drilling hammer drill bits, Universal HDD has designed an advanced steering mechanism for drilling hammers.
Delphi Steering needed to design a steering column package that met the function of the application, acted as a robust energy asborber during a crash, incorporated a tilt adjustable steering mechanism and exhibited the desired noise vibration and harshness performance.
For example, the following structures were developed: a three-wheeled pipe robot that uses scissors-like structure (Okada & Sanemori, 1987), a multi-joint pipe robot that uses the active universal joints as the steering mechanism (Choi & Ryew, 2002) or a wheel type pipe robot based on the differential drive principle (Roh & Choi, 2005).
DONATIVUM had problems with his steering mechanism in the early stages of his career, but a little engineering from trainer John Gosden has had the desired effect and the son of Cadeaux Genereux had the biggest payday of his short career when landing the Tattersalls Timeform Million.