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F] between the ideal steering angle and real turning angle of the wheel which is caused by the steering mechanism geometry is called "the steering error" or "Ackermann error".
The dialogue steering mechanism, 7+7 committee, will arrive before the end of this month to Addis Ababa to meet with the rebel delegations and to invite them to the national dialogue process.
Back in May 2002, it was reported that scientists at New York University had attached a computer chip able to transmit elementary signals directly to a rat's brain - enabling scientists to control the rat's movements by means of a steering mechanism, as used in a remote-controlled toy car.
He had converted a former go-kart, bought on eBay, and changed the steering mechanism from a wheel to handlebars.
In August, for example, Dyson, the British company known for making vacuum cleaners and hand dryers, went up against Samsung, claiming the Korean electronics firm was infringing on one of Dyson's patents, which involves a steering mechanism on the MotoSync Range.
In a separate statement, the quality inspector also said Changan Ford Automobile, jointly set up by Ford and Chinese partner Changan Automobile, will recall more than 80,000 Kuga sport utility vehicles in China due to a problem in the steering mechanism.
Participants in the meeting, including provincial secretaries as well as EAD and United Nations representatives, discussed the provincial steering mechanism, its composition and terms of reference and possible communications activities.
The British vacuum cleaner firm have issued High Court proceedings against the South Korean company, claiming they infringed their patent on a steering mechanism in their Motion Sync cleaner, pictured.
When crossing these scratches they have a tendency to follow them and it is this scratch-guiding or track steering mechanism, which generates the sideway force necessary to cause the curl.
Pointing the establishment of the High Level Cooperation Council in 2010 Deputy Minister Koru said that the Council reflected the strong political will on both sides to sustain the momentum in bilateral relations and acted as a steering mechanism to further the multi-dimensional cooperation.
Cutting-edge aerodynamic technology ensures that the Aurion experiences straight line stability, while a newly adopted column mounted electric power steering mechanism allows an optimum level of vehicle control.
With a drawbar load, the tractor wandered from side to side because implements, such as a plow, pulled the tractor more than its steering mechanism could.
77 million cars globally to problems with the steering mechanism and the hybrid system water pump - its second multi-million car recall in two months, according to a Reuters report.
It is because of problems with the steering mechanism and the hybrid system water pump.