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a beguiler who leads someone into danger (usually as part of a plot)

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Marian Heath Greeting Cards, Dan Steerer, President, 508-291-0766, P.
A steerer sits in the stern while a drummer beats to keep the rowers in time.
The second was for problems with the steerer tube separating from the front fork.
The NWDA was involved and was the main steerer, as I understand, of the Fourth Grace project.
The bill describes runners, cappers, and steerer as those who, for pecuniary benefit, whether directly or indirectly, procure or attempt to procure clients, patients, or customers at the direction of a provider whose intent is to seek to obtain benefits under a contract of insurance or to assert a claim against an insured or an insurer for providing services to the client, patient, or customer.
ROYAL CHEERS: Lucy Unstead of British Waterways with boat steerer Bill Walker and samples of the the regal brew.
The role of the CEO at Kamehameha at this point in time is that of a steerer and communicator, so that the healing process needed for our future is enhanced.
There are mony parts of her mind that appear, as I may say, laid waste and decayed, but then there's parts that look the steerer, and the stronger, and the grander, because they are rising just like to fragments amang the ruins o' the rest--She's an awesome woman.
The steerer provides beam sweep of [+ or -] 2 [degrees] in both planes for axes up to 5M (200 inches) long.
14), Steerer distinguishes just two (noun and verb), and on that point we would disagree - particularly when it comes to the small and yet productive class of adjectives; I do not think that we may treat all of them as "defective nouns.
It is clear that the government perceives itself as the steerer, rather than the rower, in supporting children and families.