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Morgan becomes attractive at 50 if the yield curve steepens and the Fed stress tests are uneventful.
If the Fed sells assets first, the slope of the curve will remain steep at a minimum and probably steepen further in response to the asset sales.
Peripheral touch--if you observe touch towards the periphery of the RGP portion of the lens (Figure 9), due to the aspheric design it is actually more productive to steepen the skirt curve radius, as this will add sagittal depth and lift the lens off the cornea.
The research shows that the number of peaks and troughs in the initial disturbance out at sea will dictate the number of wave fronts that will steepen and eventually produce tsunami waves.
Global Banking News-18 February 2009-Goldman Sachs says Indian bond yield to steepen further(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
The transformation from two to three dimensions creates mountain and valley folds that steepen.
Robbie McEwen earned a 9-2 green jersey quote from Stan James after notching his second stage success in Karlsruhe yesterday but he and his points competition rivals will be bit-part players for the next week as the gradients steepen and the riders with eyes on yellow start to flex their muscles.
The present price upturn in the UK, for instance, could steepen if it boosts producer confidence and therefore causes further temporary supply tightness partly by reducing sow culling from the current high weekly rate of about 8000 head.
In particular, the mass distribution was found to steepen significantly towards its faint end.
Action already taken includes the removal of an island from the lake and work to steepen its banks to make it less attractive to wading birds and as a roosting site.
US and European bond yield curves could steepen if high oil prices make it hard for central banks to raise interest rates, Padhraic Garvey said.
Obviously, the high-altitude action will be more up their street than the time trials, but with Monday's individual TT to come before the gradients steepen, it may well be that ONCE pair Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano and Joseba
The trend can be expected to at least remain constant, if not steepen, when 1998 figures become available.
Do gravitational waves steepen to form into shock waves just as acoustic waves do when, say, a jet plane breaks the sound barrier?
Bearing this in mind, we were surprised by some of the wording used by Mark Carney in his maiden speech in Nottingham on Wednesday when he remarked that upward movements in Bank rate expectations could feed through to the economy at the margin , which was taken as a green light for the curve to steepen further .