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a portable balance consisting of a pivoted bar with arms of unequal length

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Vicky, who would now be 32, was last seen sitting on a bench in the area of the town known as The Steelyard eating a bag of chips.
11) His policy had begun early in the reign: for example, Leicester dined with the Mercers' Company in July 1560, and attended the Lord Mayor's feast in the Guildhall on October 29 of the same year, when Sir William Chester (a draper) became mayor; on the latter occasion his followers and horses appear to have been accommodated at Bosom's Inn in Cheapside and the Maiden Head in the Steelyard.
But there were to be many other good roles for Boyle in successful movies including The Candidate, with Robert Redford, Steelyard Blues, with Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland, The Friends of Eddie Coyle, with Robert Mitchum and Taxi Driver, with Robert De Niro.
We know that in Basel he was active painting the exteriors and interiors of houses, but that his only documented mural paintings in England (the Whitehall mural, and the Steelyard Triumphs) were destroyed by fire: did he do others?
The Alaska Railroad car was found in an Anchorage steelyard, and had to be moved with an 18-wheeler.
They seemed to violate the symmetry of the Manhattan skyline, like steelyard bullies.
Florence was the great wool centre of the period and there they used only the steelyard, a horizontal beam device and the sack was 500 of their sottile (fine goods) pounds.
To the west of the school, on the site of Cannon Street Station, was the Hanseatic wharf called the Steelyard, packed with Lutherans from the North Sea and the Baltic.
On May 22, Warner Home Video (WHV) will showcase a second group of films honoring the powers behind the camera with first-time DVD releases of Prince of the City 2-Disc Set, Steelyard Blues, Straight Time and Whose Life Is It Anyway?
30pm, PS6; EAGLESCLIFFE, BLUES AT THE BAY, CLEVELAND BAY: Steelyard Blues; HARDWICK HALL HOTEL: Hardwick Live Garden Party, noon-11pm MONDAY .
Eastern) WHERE: Walmart 3400 Steelyard Drive, Cleveland, OH, 44109 Media RSVP recommended to secure interview with Keyshia Cole.