steel engraving

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an impression taken from an engraved steel plate

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engraving on a steel plate

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the act of engraving on a steel plate

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In her essay on Charlotte as artist, Christine Alexander explains that steel engraving superseded the softer copper, thus making reproductions widely available.
Injection molds in steel or aluminum, prototyping, production molding, steel engraving, duplicating, cavities, and cores.
Grant, Commanding General of the Army, steel engraving, C.
Brunel bicentenary celebrated in stamps and a pounds 2 coin:Stamps 1st Class, Royal Albert Bridge The stamp features a steel engraving of the Royal Albert Bridge, Plymouth, pictured, by Cornish artist RT Pentreath.
Builds injection molds in steel or aluminum and also provides prototyping and production molding services, steel engraving, duplicating, and cavity and cores.
Tenders are invited for Printing Of Display Notice Board, In S/S Plate, Size: 8 X6 Steel Engraving Text In Yellow Or Green, Thickness 24 Guage.
a) stamp booklet numbered - 200 000 blocks - steel engraving (intaglio)
Number of colors - 5, - Part 6 - Commemorative stamps printed steel engraving and rotogravure technique in the amount of 640 000 units (2 items publishing forms).
A catalogue illustrated with steel engravings of many of the exhibits is today an important source for the study of the High Victorian period and a highly coveted collectors' item.
Contract awarded for maintenance service lift, located in the national workshop steel engravings, for 12 months (1 january to 31 december 2016).
He traveled to Ottoman Egypt, Palestine and Lebanon, among others, and the sketches these landscapes inspired were reproduced in numerous steel engravings.
He writes: "Some time ago, I needed to see two 19th century steel engravings.