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a line responsible for the operation of a fleet of steamships

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For the shipment, the steamship company lined the container with kraft paper only.
Elizalde and Company carried diverse products: From wine to rope, from life insurance to a steamship company.
Under the fleet agreement, N-KOM will be the preferred shipyard in the Middle East for the repairs of all vessels owned by Samos Steamship Company.
An electrical engineer called Fred Taylor, who had premises at Acre Mill, on the site of what became the Weaver's Shed restaurant, launched the Golcar Steamship Company in 1898.
She was commissioned by the Union Steamship Company of New Zealand and carried one of the last wool shipments from Melbourne to Britain in 1923.
ISLES OF SCILLY STEAMSHIP COMPANY Buy 2 adult tickets on the Scillonian ferry and 2 children go free in Mar/Apr (excl Mon & Fri).
The budgetary loan of 5 million som will be provided to improve technical condition of ships of the Issyk-Kul steamship company.
After having completed my training abroad when I returned to Pakistan, I joined Pan Islamic Steamship Company as a Cadet and thereafter commanded all the Pilgrim Ships in 1970s.
Steel's subject is the United Steamship Company of New Zealand (USSCo) of Dunedin.
I really didn't believe her at first, but my little mind started trying to figure out why this huge steamship company - which publicly endorsed our local carpet maker so vehemently in 1907 did not use that company in outfitting its most famous ship just a couple of years later.
Stan, from South Shields, was second officer on the 5,250-ton cargo ship Demeterton, built by Short Bros in Sunderland in 1925 and owned by the Carlton Steamship Company in Newcastle.
The author then traces back to the early rise of steam propulsion in the United States and Moses Rogers's story from his birth in New London, Connecticut, through his career as a pioneer steamboat captain on the Hudson River, then as steamship designer and founder of the Savannah Steamship Company.
These rating strengths are somewhat tempered by its high debt levels compared to rivals and the lower revenue predictability on its Specialty and American Steamship Company (ASC) segments.
The stops of the San Francisco-based Pacific Mail Steamship Company, carrying goods and passengers, at Cabo San Lucas and other Baja ports, demonstrates how the economies of the two Californias were linked in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
Isle of Shoals Steamship Company presents 'Entrain'