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Synonyms for steamroll

bring to a specified state by overwhelming force or pressure

proceed with great force

overwhelm by using great force

make level or flat with a steamroller


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The council is trying to steamroll on a timescale that isn't possible.
These countries could steamroll the Venezuelan economy via cheap imports of everything from beef to beans.
JACQUES KALLIS overcame an injury scare to help South Africa steamroll nearer to a crushing defeat of Bangladesh A at Worcester.
The Soy Online Service, a group of private citizens based in New Zealand with the mission to uncover the truth about soy, proclaims, "The soy industry is one of the world's most wealthy and powerful, and one that will steamroll anybody that dares suggest there may be problems with soy.
DRAXIS' Contract Manufacturing Division Continues to steamroll and based on the strength of this division, investors should receive stock price appreciation while awaiting new products to generate growth of DRAXIS' radiopharmaceutical division.
When you play against Fernando, you always know it's going to be dangerous because he's got the ability to all of a sudden steamroll.
The movie is good-looking and technically proficient, but its simplistic, cartoonish style, one-size-fits-all plot resolution, and relentlessly feel-good treatment steamroll the complex issues it raises into pancake flatness--resulting in a comedy with a terminal case of the cutes.
And though Ozzy announced this week that beginning next year he will no longer headline the festival (though he will join it for select dates), it has become a strong enough entity that it should easily steamroll just as loudly without him.
But now the Government want to steamroll new watered-down proposals though Parliament by only letting MPs debate a tiny fraction of the Bill.
In an effort to quiet critics who have accused Gilbert and others of attempting to steamroll previous initiatives through, the SAG president and AFTRA President John P.
Towell added: "Shamrock Rovers are a really good side and you're never going to steamroll them but we're ready for them and we want to get another three points.
And it was much the same story for Nadal in the other half of the draw, the Spaniard coming on strong after a shaky start to steamroll Mikhail Youzhny.
Players who tap into The Station can choose from five different tanks with which they can hunt, steamroll and blast their on-line opponents.
I'm not just thinking because I'm a bit more unorthodox that I'll just steamroll her either, but I'm just really confident.