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Synonyms for steamroll

bring to a specified state by overwhelming force or pressure

proceed with great force

overwhelm by using great force

make level or flat with a steamroller


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The council is trying to steamroll on a timescale that isn't possible.
Green activists recognize that they can no longer steamroll any bill they want through Congress.
These countries could steamroll the Venezuelan economy via cheap imports of everything from beef to beans.
When you play against Fernando, you always know it's going to be dangerous because he's got the ability to all of a sudden steamroll.
Although it has the political muscle to steamroll through any proposals, it would be a mistake for the Gocernment to do so.
The Soy Online Service, a group of private citizens based in New Zealand with the mission to uncover the truth about soy, proclaims, "The soy industry is one of the world's most wealthy and powerful, and one that will steamroll anybody that dares suggest there may be problems with soy.
interview, and then continued to steamroll through the month to close with its highest-rated September since 1993.
The triumphalism of the New World Order is akin to every other kind of twentieth century totalitarian propaganda: it is both an attempt to silence and steamroll all resistance, and an emergency exit from reality.
DRAXIS' Contract Manufacturing Division Continues to steamroll and based on the strength of this division, investors should receive stock price appreciation while awaiting new products to generate growth of DRAXIS' radiopharmaceutical division.
Towell added: "Shamrock Rovers are a really good side and you're never going to steamroll them but we're ready for them and we want to get another three points.
The movie is good-looking and technically proficient, but its simplistic, cartoonish style, one-size-fits-all plot resolution, and relentlessly feel-good treatment steamroll the complex issues it raises into pancake flatness--resulting in a comedy with a terminal case of the cutes.
This is clear vindication in our fight to stop United's blatant attempt to transfer jobs out of the United States and to steamroll over our contract in the process," said Tucker.
I'm not just thinking because I'm a bit more unorthodox that I'll just steamroll her either, but I'm just really confident.
And it was much the same story for Nadal in the other half of the draw, the Spaniard coming on strong after a shaky start to steamroll Mikhail Youzhny.