steamed pudding

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a pudding cooked by steaming

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A steamed pudding is often thought of as the ultimate comfort food, and this low-sugar version won't disappoint.
Warm pudding cakes, steamed puddings and bread puddings - they're perfect desserts for holiday get-togethers and cool-weather comfort foods to warm us and our taste buds.
And the tone rising from his teastained throat would have chilled the custard on a steamed pudding.
Simon Rimmer co-presents Daily Brunch With Ocado, on Channel 4 on weekdays RACHEL ALLEN ON DESSERTS HOW about a festive fruity steamed pudding with lots of citrus but in a plain sponge and topped with jewel-like apricots and cranberries?
The Kate n' Sidney is a truly magnificent beast, with mediaeval origins; a vast steamed pudding, crusty and golden on the outside, perhaps bubbling with a little escaped gravy.
Remove the skin from your turkey and opt for a calorie-counted light steamed pudding or sugar free jelly.
Halesowen heroine Dorothy Bridges is Britain's undisputed queen of the humble steamed pudding.
Ambient steamed pudding brand Aunty's has created a premium range of puddings to compete with offerings found in the chiller cabinets.
Old England comes West in this mellow steamed pudding
Mike found the same in his butterscotch and toffee steamed pudding.
It has certainly been a lengthy development process, but we've definitely got it right," says Susan, proffering a bowl of the steamed pudding.
And before you go thinking I've lost the plot, I'm not talking about cans of fruit cocktail or steamed pudding.
SWAP steamed pudding for baked figs with honey or maple syrup, yoghurt and pistachio nuts