steamed pudding

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a pudding cooked by steaming

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Warm pudding cakes, steamed puddings and bread puddings - they're perfect desserts for holiday get-togethers and cool-weather comfort foods to warm us and our taste buds.
The fact that all of the recipes for the 25 different steamed puddings are in Dorothy's head is a worry for daughter Justine, who has recently joined her parents in their thriving business.
And before you go thinking I've lost the plot, I'm not talking about cans of fruit cocktail or steamed pudding.
Halesowen heroine Dorothy Bridges is Britain's undisputed queen of the humble steamed pudding.
Ambient steamed pudding brand Aunty's has created a premium range of puddings to compete with offerings found in the chiller cabinets.
SWAP steamed pudding for baked figs with honey or maple syrup, yoghurt and pistachio nuts
Old England comes West in this mellow steamed pudding
Mike found the same in his butterscotch and toffee steamed pudding.
It has certainly been a lengthy development process, but we've definitely got it right," says Susan, proffering a bowl of the steamed pudding.
49 [pounds sterling] Coca-Cola 21 3 for 3 [pounds sterling] Coca-Cola 21 3 for 3 [pounds sterling] Heinz Ketchup 570g 3 for 2 Heinz Steamed Pudding 300g Price promotion 66p KP Hula Hoops 12 18 for 12 KP Hula Hoops 12 Price promotion 1.
It is just like a steamed pudding, but without all the hassle.
Rhubarb and ginger make a great combination as in this steamed pudding recipe and asparagus and Jersey royals make a wonderful partnership too.
50 menu features dishes such as pheasant, foie gras and black pudding terrine, sea bass served on lobster and lemongrass ravioli, and chocolate and hazelnut steamed pudding with a baked lemon "egg.