steam turbine

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turbine in which steam strikes blades and makes them turn

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As the rotor so to speak "floats" without any contact with the bearings and is not supported by a film of oil, there is no longer any wear or friction resistance present, meaning that the efficiency of the steam turbine can, as a result, be increased by up to one per cent.
Combined cycle power plants generate power more efficiently and emit fewer greenhouse gases than conventional thermal power plants that use only gas or steam turbines.
MHI will supply the steam turbine and will also dispatch technical advisors to the plant construction site for its installation and test operation.
Toshiba has installed more than 90 steam turbines and generators in the United States and Canada, with its share in the U.
On the basis of a mathematical model, or the explicit form of the mode equation of the marine steam turbine (1) and (2), it is possible to determine the mental-verbal model of the marine steam turbine.
The companies believe the development of a new advanced steam turbine is an important step toward meeting customer requirements for increased combined-cycle efficiency and performance worldwide.
This is the first order for supercritical 800MW Steam Turbine Generator Island (including auxiliaries) in the country and was tendered through the International Competitive Bidding route.
It was a challenge, but the two portions of a steam turbine generator were offloaded without a problem," said Steven Kerr, Cargo Operations Chief, at Sunny Point.
com/research/5phdsc/global_steam) has announced the addition of the "Global Steam Turbine MRO Market Trend and Forecast 2012-2017" report to their offering.
Application in coal dominates the global market: Coal application of steam turbine held the largest market share in terms of value, across all regions of the world, except Europe, where nuclear application was ahead by a wide margin.
The market report defines and segments the global steam turbine market with an analysis and forecast of the market size.
Contract Awarded for ProvideTwo sets of steam turbine and generators (STG) for 925MW Norte III Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP) in Chihuahua, Mexico.
Safety and monitoring strategies for systems by Rexroth can be seamlessly integrated into the overall concept of gas and steam turbine plants and help to increase operative availability," Bentfeldt said.
Alstom has secured another important contract in Saudi Arabia following its selection by lead contractor Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) to supply 4 x 720MW steam turbine generator sets for the Shuqaiq project.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), jointly with Mitsubishi Corp, has received an order from Gurmat Electricity Generation Company, an affiliate of independent Turkish power producer Guris Holding Company, for installation of a steam turbine unit at its second 47 MW power generation plant.