steam organ

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a musical instrument consisting of a series of steam whistles played from a keyboard

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Hans Haake's wooden stockade withholds the object incarcerated within it, and what is revealed about this object is its sound: within the stockade is, in fact, a fairground carousel constantly turning, accompanied by a steam organ rendition of the German national anthem, played at twice the speed.
There's a Viennese carousel, an old steam organ, and hot apple cider to keep you warm.
There will also be the James Dylan Motorcycle Stunt Display, The Great Boxing Booth Revival and Richard Preston's steam organ and engine, with old fashioned farm machinery, as well as large vintage machinery and tractors.
STEAM organ entertainment will be in Trinity Square, Gateshead, on Saturday from 11am to 2pm.
A popular Dog Show, with entries on the day, is also arranged, plus sheepdog trials and a travelling steam organ.
If you had an engine, you had to have something behind it, so in 1962 they bought an impressive German Limonaire steam organ.
As well as steam engines and steam organs, there will be vintage cars, motorbikes and tractors and a host of fascinating and interesting sideshows and displays.