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external-combustion engine in which heat is used to raise steam which either turns a turbine or forces a piston to move up and down in a cylinder

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As interest grew, and traffic increased, more carriages were built and the German steam engine, Graf Schwerin Lowitz, was restored and brought into service.
This is why Watt is better known in relation to the origin of the steam engine than Devonborn Newcomen - but that's another story for another day.
It is believed the steam engine driver passed through a red signal at 75mph after failing to spot a warning sign.
Fred Dibnah |tours the country on his steam engine, visiting the Transporter
She pointed to guidelines from the National Traction Engine Trust which suggest no under-13s should be aboard a moving steam engine unless being trained to drive it under close supervision, and said she would never allow anyone to sit on areas connecting a vehicle and trailer.
4960 steam engine will be let loose to romp the 65 miles from Williams to the Grand Canyon-a rare sight, sound and experience in today's high-tech world.
This roundhouse in Worcester was certainly a draw for every kid fascinated with steam engines and trains, and was likely erected around the time that the locomotive first came to Worcester in the 1830s, with the Boston and Worcester Railroad.
Seven-year-old Karl Doran, of Darlington, died at Beamish open-air museum after he was crushed to death by a steam engine driven by his father >
Michael Clemens developed a passion for steam engines while travelling around Britain as a youngster with his dad, Jim, who was a railway fanatic.
In 1763 Watt was sent a Newcomen steam engine to repair.
A STEAM engine enthusiast was taken to his final resting place behind the engine he used to ride to entertain children.
AN ENGINE enthusiast was granted his final wish when he was taken to his resting place by steam engine.
In 1775 Boulton went into partnership with Watt, whose improvements to steam engine design had led to greater efficiency and cheaper running costs.
844, the last steam engine built for UP, will be on display from 10:00 a.
The King, His Ministers, and many of the Nobles and Commoners of the Realm raised this monument to James Watt who, directing the force of an original genius, early exercised in philosophic research, to the improvement of the steam engine, enlarged the resources of his country, increased the power of man, and rose to an eminent place among the most illustrious followers of science and the real benefactors of the world.