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a room that can be filled with steam in which people bathe

you sweat in a steam room before getting a rubdown and cold shower

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Treatments at some convalescent homes included steam baths, massage and other therapies.
In addition to regular fitness training, Special One Fitness will also offer a range of activities and programs such as aerobics, nutrition programs, body toning, indoor track run, steam bath, cardio fitness equipment, spin-cycling, massage treatments and a sports juice bar.
Many barbershops in Jeddah depend on sauna and steam bath services to pay for their expenses.
The Vale d'Oliveiras Quinta Resort and Spa is offering two nights' B&B, a 60-minute massage and steam bath session plus health club use for about pounds 120.
You'll have access to a sports area, cinema, sauna, Jacuzzi, outdoor swimming pool, indoor heated pool, fitness centre, steam bath and entertainment programme.
1980: Karen Christy feels the heat as she tries out a steam bath at a local beauty salon.
A flower-infused facial steam bath ensured all the impurities came out of the skin and is followed by a clay mask to ensure a deep cleanse.
The team reports that this giant planet's atmosphere is either dense with sizzling water vapor like a souped-up steam bath, or it is full of hazy, choking hydrogen and helium clouds with a slightly blue tint.
The 23-room La Reserve Ramatuelle, in France offers a 1,000sqm spa with an indoor pool, an outdoor pool with pool-house, a fitness studio and steam bath.
Inside Hamam al-Abhar men of all ages relax after their steam bath in rounded halls where beams of natural light stream through holes in dome-shaped ceilings.
STEAM BATH: Widely accepted for eliminating toxins from the body, a steam bath works by inducing perspiration and increasing blood circulation.
The all-natural session starts with a lush menthol steam bath topped off with a Senso-unique choco bath gel that prepares the skin to absorb the maximum goodness from the treatment.
People would come here to enjoy the relaxing experience of having a steam bath," Abdul Rahman, 71, told Gulf News.
The steam bath is between the smokehouse and the woodshed in our backyard.
The works range in setting from Jauregui's native Mexico City to a dance hall in East Los Angeles to a steam bath in Morocco to the quietude of the grave.