steal away

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leave furtively and stealthily

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All you have to do is steal away enough time from your daily routine to reach the end of Bob's adventure without getting caught.
X" will look to retain most of its under-25 audience, though Disney fanboy-favorite "John Carter" could steal away some of that young male demo with its March 9 debut.
Doesn't not wanting to explore how these awe-inspiring creatures and behaviours came into being not steal away from you some of the wonder you described while watching Frozen Planet and Earth Flight?
He said: "I'll fold my tent up silently and steal away one of these days.
The chief executive of Air Canada , the country's biggest airline, has spoken out against Emirates' expansion plans in Canada, accusing the Middle East airline of wanting to steal away connecting passengers that help make its routes profitable.
Last night, theft attempt was foiled by the residents of the area when a robber was trying to steal away a sack of 50 kilogram wheat from their house.
Where poppies lie in Flanders Fields When in a morning damp with dew We lay a wreath of scarlet hue Begrudge them not their emblem red In earnest when the lives were shed, Then stand in silent Mem'ry Hall When a tear may stray Soft bugle notes will steal away.
The new money will give Facebook more firepower to steal away valuable employees, develop new products and possibly pursue acquisitions - all without being a publicly traded company,' the report said.
They are two wins ahead of Team Hermes, who will be hoping to steal away the group crown.
Eve thought Dame Dotty stole the show with her outrageous outfits, but my favourite was rubber-faced Rancid the rat-catcher, who was a fine henchman for the Wicked Wizard as he tried to steal away the girl of Jack's dreams.
The duo's Rangers future is now in doubt and the incidents have disrupted the club's bid to steal away the Premier League title from Celtic.
Does MrHolt - and other commentators-think that the rabid right-wing republican rascals by whom the tune has been called these last eight years are going to, like the Arab, fold their tent and silently steal away into the night?
Number one on these processors' list of worries is foreign competition in regions of lower labor cost that can steal away domestic customers.
They are keeping faith with the sector on the grounds that their properties "cannot steal away in the night", according to the Association of Residential Letting Agents.
Introducing readers to an interwoven interpretation of America's favorite game and the basic tenants of Christianity, Steal Away provides readers with an uncompromising wisdom of the baseball's spiritual implications and reveals biblical lessons taught by both the ball game and sacred scriptures.