steak au poivre

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steak covered with crushed peppercorns pan-broiled and served with brandy-and-butter sauce

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QUARTER BACK: This Hope Street restaurant remains a popular favourite, with foods including the steak au poivre pizza, right |
Steak au Poivre Method Preheat oven to 250C and cut your potatoes into 1cm thick slices.
Steak au Poivre - 8oz fillet steak cooked in peppercorns, flamed in brandy and served with a black pepper sauce, with sauteed vegetables pounds 14.
Colette chose an old favorite from a list of landside standards that includes steak au poivre, sauteed pork tenderloin medallions in a sage-scented Marsala sauce and penne a la vodka with prosciutto.
The fruit forward character and full body of all of the above four wines means they will go well with a combination of rich dishes such as Steak au Poivre with Courvoisier Cream, Filet Oscar, Veal Chop with Roquefort Butter (Roquefort is the key to the pairing), or even Roasted Chicken (you want it "skin-on" with this pairing).
Isn't it nice to know that, even on the edge of the Sonoran Desert, you can still get a good steak au poivre and proper pommes frites?
STEAK AU POIVRE (steak with a pepper sauce) served with a GREEN salad and a large hunk of French bread.
This combination of culinary delights has spawned hybrid dishes such as wild mushroom spring rolls and Szechuan steak au poivre.
Coping with foreign languages may appear inordinately difficult to those whose linguistic skills extend little beyond ordering a pizza, a couscous, a bratwurst or a steak au poivre.
The wine tastes well on its own; pairing suggestions include Steak au Poivre, Rosemary Crusted Lamb Chops or BBQ-rubbed meats.
A 12 oz Porterhouse Steak au poivre (with fries) is PS18, with lobster tails and As well as the fried food, you can opt for more high-end dishes.
Try it on its own at the end of the day or pair it with assertively flavored dishes like blackened sea scallops, a spicy green Thai curry or even -- and we know this is heresy -- steak au poivre.