steak and kidney pie

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steak with sauteed kidneys and onions cooked in wine and stock then covered with pastry and baked

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Again like all of our main courses, with the exception of the steak and kidney pie, it was okay but not as nice as he had hoped.
James Osgood, Marketing Director at Peter's: "We are delighted that our Premier Steak and Kidney pie has been named the best in its class at the British Pie Awards and wanted to celebrate its win in true Peter's style.
For a real and rich steak and kidney pie some warming porter or stout should fit the bill.
The former Liverpool and England player, who was at the Holiday Inn at Clifton for a charity evening to raise funds for the Huddersfield Giants Community Foundation, has confessed to eating a belly-busting 212 steak and kidney pies every year.
Most of the responsibility falls on his wife Diane, who for the past 26 years has baked steak and kidney pies to die for.
The endangered dishes are: spotted dick, beef wellington, jam roly-poly, steak and kidney pie, coronation chicken, sherry trifle, bread and butter pudding, toad in the hole, fish pie, Lancashire hot pot.
Steak and kidney pie, clotted cream and Eccles cake are all virtually off the menu for youngsters, according to Sainsbury's.
We now have to search far and wide for a pork pie, game pie, chicken pie, mince pie, mutton pie or steak and kidney pie to beef up the bitter.
The bounteous, savory and satisfying steak and kidney pie ($9) offers sirloin soaked in Newcastle Brown Ale.
Steak and kidney pie man loves the great outdoors and large helpings while those who plump for steak and kidney pudding enjoy fantasies.
Other red meat dishes in the top ten included beef burgers, roast beef, chilli con carne, steak and kidney pie, shepherd's pie and sausage and mash.
Tudor in style, with loads of imported bric-a-brac to provide welcoming comfort, the restaurant is equally famous for its "pub grub" - a menu that includes fish and chips, steak and kidney pie, hangers and mash, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, and English Trifle for dessert.
Steak and kidney pie, |Blackwell's Butchers, Norton Pies are a clear fave across Teesside - and this Norton establishment is a wellloved must-visit.
But British steak and kidney pie came last, with just 2% choosing it as their favourite.
SAY goodbye to steak and kidney pie and sherry trifle if the younger generation have their way - traditional British foods are in danger of dying out because people aren't making them at home.