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Synonyms for steadily

in a steady manner

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Yes," she returned, again nodding, steadily, "I let you go on.
How long I wandered toward the south I do not know, for shortly after I left the prospector something went wrong with my watch, and I was again at the mercy of the baffling timelessness of Pellucidar, forging steadily ahead beneath the great, motionless sun which hangs eternally at noon.
He thought steadily for an hour, but he grinned no more.
Meanwhile the dressings on my wound and the embrocation on my sprained wrist steadily subdue the pains which I have felt so far.
I'm so glad I saw it; and I know I shall dream about it," answered Rose steadily, though a wistful glance went toward the Island, now so near that she could smell powder and see shadowy figures flitting about.
We do not steadily bear in mind, how profoundly ignorant we are of the conditions of existence of every animal; nor do we always remember, that some check is constantly preventing the too rapid increase of every organized being left in a state of nature.
If then, as appears probable, species first become rare and then extinct -- if the too rapid increase of every species, even the most favoured, is steadily checked, as we must admit, though how and when it is hard to say -- and if we see, without the smallest surprise, though unable to assign the precise reason, one species abundant and another closely allied species rare in the same district -- why should we feel such great astonishment at the rarity being carried one step further to extinction?
All night I steered, without relief, the wind slowly and steadily increasing and the sea rising.
Throughout the day, and as slowly and steadily as ever, the wind increased.
Every now and then he gazed steadily across the marshes through his telescope.
He is quite unfit," the doctor added, looking steadily at the inspector, "to be removed or questioned.
He leaned for several moments against the table and steadily cursed Mr.
According to a recent report released by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, the cost of energy usage, which comprises the main pricing item in electricity bills, steadily declined in 2015.
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After peaking in the third quarter of 2008, overall prices for construction materials fell steadily until the latter part of 2009, when the decreases began to moderate for most materials.