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a fore-and-aft sail set on a stay (as between two masts)

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Murray Homes is now the exclusive builder in Staysail Court, an enclave of nine residences planned for The Lake Club at Lakewood Ranch, and is building its first luxury model there.
In one gale we tried a method of lying-to that had been practiced by one of the White Star liners, which consisted of hoisting the forestorm staysail and stopping the engines; she lay there with the wind and sea a couple of points abaft the beam, as comfortable as an old shoe.
Long A staysail Long E reseat, thecae, faeces, meseems, resieze Long I dicyanide Long O virtuoso
Violent gusts shredded the staysail, meant to ensure the boat's stability in rough weather.
A cutter rig is designed so it can sail on just the staysail and the main.
The Bras d'Or Lakes Sailing Experience will transport a small group of guests aboard the 67-foot staysail schooner Amoeba through Cape Breton's breathtaking Bras d'Or Lakes district.
With this shift crew members felt free to experiment with the sail rig, adding a Western jib and mizzen staysail to the two Polynesian sails to make the canoe sail faster and handle more easily.
Can't sail as deep as the others, tried everything yesterday - even put the staysail out to windward in 40 knots.
An angelique staysail schooner (a two-masted schooner that is heavier and more powerful than a normal schooner), with her laminated sitka spruce masts carrying twenty-seven hundred feet of sail, she was one of the largest wooden boats to be built in Nova Scotia in recent years.
1 hydraulic gearbox DRIVE TRAIN Amel "U-shape" drive system JIB AND STAYSAIL FURLERS Reckman 1200W24V MAIN AND MIZZEN SAILS FURLERS Amel in-mast furling and boom reefing systems with Leroy SOMER IP66 motors (700W 24 V) FUEL CAPACITY 1,400 litres FRESHWATER CAPACITY 1,000 litres GENERATORS 1 Onan MDKBV GEN-SET SIZE 19.
local time, the ship's staff spotted the 40-foot Syllogic sailing under a staysail only.
The conventional Bermudan rig has a staysail and asymmetric spinnaker and there's a carbon mast option to aid this slippery hull in regattas.
We had worked closely with our sailmakers at MacDiarmid's to optimise our rating, primarily through two re-cut jibs and a new spinnaker staysail.
The conventional Bermudan rig has a staysail and asymmetric spinnaker and there's a carbon mast option to aid the performance of this slippery hull if choosing to race in regattas.