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Synonyms for stays

a woman's close-fitting foundation garment

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It's cold and dull out, and I advise you to stay warm and dry by the fire, as I do," said Meg with a shiver.
I needn't tell what it was here, because I knowed it wouldn't stay the way, it was.
Mesdames" (to the dowagers), "you will take cold to a dead certainty, if you stay in this chill gallery any longer.
I'd rather give up the case this moment, sir, than even stay here while it's suggested," answered the nurse.
We see through her smiles and her graces, and her stays and her padding -- she can't fascinate us
She took me in both her arms, and squeezed me to her stays until the pressure on my nose was extremely painful, though I never thought of that till afterwards when I found it very tender.
But Chaka stays on the hill with the three that are left.
Come, my fine fellow," continued the captain; "don't hang so long in stays.
He has built a wall; he has dug a trench deep and wide all round it, and he has planted it within with stakes; but even so he stays not the murderous might of Hector.
The longer he stays, the worse it will be for him at last.
Yehs know how ter treat a f'ler, an' I stays by yehs 'til spen' las' cent
Grandmother begged him to stay among kindly, Christian people, where he was known; but there was no reasoning with him.
I stay on as your friend and from the tremendous interest I take in you till something can be done for you that may be more worth your while.
There were circumstances which made it necessary for me to stay through the hour hours to the end, and I stayed; but the recollection of that long, dragging, relentless season of suffering is indestructible.
Some of the animals who came to see him were so sick that they had to stay at the Doctor's house for a week.