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stay put (in a certain place)

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uk AT first, I was a bit over-enthusiastic with this silky white cream, but once I realised that a little goes a long way, I mastered the technique of smoothing on a touch at a time, leaving a velvet-soft base that really helped my BB cream stay put.
Despite being told to stay put three times, they continued their descent by sliding down.
The Stay Put Furniture Stoppers will be extremely easy to implement and begin using, and will work well on virtually any piece of furniture.
The decision to have people stay put was a calculated risk by officials seeking to avoid a repeat of the chaos and death that ensued after residents were ordered to evacuate Houston when Hurricane Rita threatened the city in 2005.
Yesterday's rebuttal was the latest from the club, with United chairman Chris Mort repeatedly stating publicly that he and Mr Ashley - who was at the match again yesterday for the 3-2 win over Everton - are intending to stay put.
Atoms tend to stay put, but light is always on the move.
People living in those hundreds of thousands of units have a tremendous financial incentive to stay put.
Sometimes you can move for the sake of it - and in my case I think it's best to stay put.
When he was asked whether he was looking to bail, he told reporters a few weeks ago that while he has been talking to other prominent executives about a leadership position at the company, he's planning to stay put.
RANGERS wing ace Peter Lovenkrands might stay put at Ibrox next season - as he would miss playing in Europe.
Dominic Delrosso, a NASA engineer explains: On Earth, you stay put because the downward pull of gravity (force that pulls two objects together) is balanced by the ground's upward push.
I was on my knees, just trying to stay put," Alfonso says with a laugh, "and I could see we were slowly being pushed into the rocks.
But Butt decided to stay put despite seeing Ferguson pen a new rolling contract during the week as speculation continues to grow that the United boss is living on borrowed time at Old Trafford because of his row with John Magnier and JP McManus.
Here, technology is used not merely as a recording device hut as a means of making bodies move--contrary to video's promise to transport the sights of the world so that viewers can stay put.