stay off

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refrain from entering or walking onto


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His father, also called Stephen, will work with the Stay Off The Tracks campaign.
The long term goal of addiction treatment is to come off and stay off substances that are life destroying.
MADCAP dad Bobby Motherwell is doing a David Blaine by living in a perspex box - so he can stay off Guinness.
The California Department of Boating and Waterways advises recreational boaters to stay off Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta waterways today, due to high winds and water levels and the threat of flooding.
I tried my hardest to stay off him, but it was too late.
But Oakes, who has had his priest's licence suspended, will stay off work.
Patients, who have completed at least 9 months of Ampligen(R) therapy, were able to stay off HAART for a total STI duration with a mean time of 29.
The critics thought that our heads would go down but we are still fighting to stay off the bottom of the SPL.
But we need to make sure they stay off the streets.
He was warned to stay off the Hightown Bridge at the M2 and report to police twice a week.
The Credit Card Service originally tried to fix the problem by mandating that all workers stay off the Internet, but Lee continued to receive complaints regarding poor performance from branch employees.
Stay off the roof: NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series driver Jack Sprague almost missed the American Racing Wheels 200 on Friday night because he fell off the roof of his house and broke his foot.
The programme will chart her attempts to stay off the drugs and get her life back on track, including her numerous stays in rehab.
We're not trying to identify drug use, we're helping kids who might experiment, and later get hooked, use sports as a tool to say no to peer pressure - and for those who make a mistake, we suggest counseling and intervention to help them stay off," explained ABMC Education Conference Director Ron Slinger, former athletic director of Dixon High School.