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fail to spoil or rot


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When filled with this system, an unopened growler can stay fresh for two to six months, depending on the type of beer.
Stay Fresh Feminine Freshness Gel is an easy-to-use, odor-neutralizing gel that lasts for up to three days.
According to Quick-Med Technologies, the patented Stay Fresh technology is based on hydrogen peroxide, a well known consumer antimicrobial product that is commonly used in households for disinfecting cuts, scrapes, toothbrushes and more, to be effective against resistant organisms like MRSA.
Visitors will see a polystyrene version of the cake as the real thing would not stay fresh long enough.
That way, you'll get a lovely tree and it'll stay fresh.
The Growler Store offers over two dozen craft beers on tap, dispensed through a counter-pressure bottling system that will allow the beer in unopened growlers to stay fresh for up to three months.
2 Colgate Plax Alcohol-Free Mouthwash, Boots A budget-friendly buy which offers 12-hour anti-bacterial protection, so your breath should stay fresh from from dawn until dusk
Thomas, a business consultant from South Africa, agreed that at least two daily showers are needed to stay fresh.
These products address consumers' concerns about how quickly towels dry on the rod and how long they stay fresh.
Most peppers will stay fresh in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for one week; green peppers stay fresh a little longer.
Summary: Downy Co the world leader in fabric softeners Co recently celebrated the upcoming summer season and its new Stay Fresh softener, by welcoming over 200 families to a Downy Stay Fresh family day out in DubaiCOs Zabeel Park.
Stay fresh by applying to exposed skin, and other trouble spots, after long hours spent on stand or during prolonged backcountry expeditions.
Heinz is developing sweeter tomatoes that could cut down on its need for corn syrup, as well as varieties that resist disease, stay fresh longer and produce a thicker consistency.
based Oscar Mayer, a division of Kraft Foods, has created the new Center Cut Bacon Stay Fresh Reclosable Tray.
has introduced Sunsweet Ones, which are individually wrapped to stay fresh and moist anywhere.