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C[pounds sterling]In holding this event with a range of different, fun activities; we wanted to demonstrate- and for our consumers to experience first hand- that the summer neednCOt mean smelly and sticky clothes, because with Downy Stay Fresh, long-lasting freshness throughout the day is easy,C[yen] he added.
At Extended Stay Hotels' 675 properties nationwide, guests traveling before July 8 will save $50 on a single stay of five nights or more, and $15 on a single stay of one to four nights.
After five days, the Austrian girl left to stay with her host family.
The report found that the majority of these stays were related to mood disorders (34%), schizophrenic and psychotic disorders (21%) or substance-related disorders (14%).
Nursing homes aren't quite the long-term stays they used to be for many residents.
Improving medication safety can reduce length of stay and prevent an increase in length of stay due to serious patient injuries (cost avoidance and opportunity cost).
Under Bankruptcy Code Section 362(a)(8), a Tax Court proceeding cannot be commenced while the automatic stay is in effect.
The relevant consideration, however, is not the average stay but the risk of a catastrophic stay.
No one has been able to state with certainty the ideal time that a new mother should stay in the hospital; each delivery is different.
Justices William Brennan and Thurgood Marshall, of course, immediately voted to grant Darden a stay.
It's also safer for female travelers, says Stacey Ravel Abarbanel, author of Smart Business Travel How to Stay Safe When You're on the Road (First Books, Chicago).
Nevertheless, the motion tends to stay within a bounded region, and some neighborhoods may be visited more often than others.
Extended Stay America[R] invites business and leisure travelers to discover a new way to stay in California this summer.
Total quantity or scope: - Lot 1 - families stay full board Hautes Alpes
Award: double miles Expires: 12/15/2008 Restrictions: Earn double miles beginning with your second stay at InterContinental, Crowne Plaza, Hotel Indigo, Holiday Inn or Holiday Inn Express hotels.