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Synonyms for staunchness

loyalty in the face of trouble and difficulty

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VJ `LEFTY' NICKERSON, trainer of top stakes winners Big Spruce, Spout and Staunchness and, for a time, the great John Henry, has died at his home in New York after a long illness, aged 75, writes Dan Farley.
He spoke what he firmly believed to be the truth, and even when you were unsure about accepting everything as such, it was tough to argue with his logic and the staunchness of his convictions.
Alder is not necessarily doubting the staunchness of democracy to be found in numerous civil law jurisdictions which possess a traditional aversion to judicial dissent.
Resilient people and companies face reality with staunchness, make meaning of hardship instead of crying out in despair, and improvise solutions from thin air.
The defence was admirable and not just for the staunchness of the tackling but also the discipline of the organisation.
Unitt, who names among her defensivequalities a staunchness in the tackle and a good head in the air, appreciates she will not live to see the day when her bank balance matches that of her male counterparts.
and with all the inalienable staunchness of her nature she fulfilled the letter of her promise.
Freed from any tendency to irrational excess, andreia will flourish as merely one aspect of a unified goodness, no longer a noble hotheadedness but a staunchness akin to the virtue of self-control (sophrosune).
Wright notes that questions about the moral staunchness of youth and its ability to resist communism hovered over an entire generation.
One may engage the world with energy, firmness, staunchness, strength of mind, and character.
From the beginning Canadians were renowned for their daring and staunchness in battle.