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in a staunch manner


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Fifa president Sepp Blatter has staunchly defended Real Madrid's world-record bid for Cristiano Ronaldo, comparing it to purchasing a Picasso painting.
Fanatics and takfiriyoon [people who consider those who have ideologies different than theirs as unbelievers] must not be tolerated because they represent ideology terrorism that we staunchly reject," he said in an interview published on Tuesday by the Al Hayat daily.
United's presentation party was led by the distinguished and respected Bobby Charlton, a staunchly one-club man who modestly declined to place a winner's medal around his neck.
The Conservatives introduced student loans - staunchly opposed by Labour.
A staunchly Catholic politician in Italy has built a reputation out of lamenting the decline of the family and denouncing homosexuality as "unnatural.
Achieving their goals was the fuel that fed their fires within, and although each had a very different and unique journey, and each chose a different field to find their calling, they all carry the common thread of having forged ahead steadily, and sometimes even staunchly, in the pursuit of what truly makes them happy
February 2007 saw something many believed could never happen: the banning of public smoking in France, a country often seen as staunchly pro-smoking.
that several devout Christians on the Dover board, "who so staunchly and proudly touted their religious convictions in public, would time and time again lie to cover their tracks and the real purpose behind the ID Policy.
They are staunchly orthodox in their outlook and have such wonderful guests and hosts such as Dr.
I have lived in San Francisco for over 20 years and have heard both Pelosi and Leno staunchly defend Bill Clinton, John Kerry, and Gray Davis and other political Democrats when the public platform of these elected officials was to marginalize LGBT people and relegate them to second-class citizenship.
Even with diversity of modern metal bands, Celtic Frost remains sonically unique, and their staunchly non-conformist attitude doesn't feel contrived like the manufactured rebellion of today, when Sabbath gets criticized for mocking The President in a concert video for their classic anti-war song "War Pigs".
Throughout Iraq, "many Sunni Arab political and religious leaders once staunchly opposed to the American presence .
His New York, staunchly abolitionist parents named him Liberty and schooled him at home.
In the wake of the Kennedy assassinations when the Democratic Party embraced urban-based gun-control advocates, conservatives within and outside the National Rifle Association transformed that organization from a nonpartisan hunting-safety group into a gun-rights powerhouse staunchly aligned with the GOP.
By removing nonbinding language expressing the sense that the economy needs temporary immigrant workers, GOP leaders also secured the votes of several Southern California Republicans who staunchly oppose illegal immigration.