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At the moment the limitation of the eight or so statutory offences, principally under the theft acts, means that cases can be brought only in situations where the facts can be fitted into the wording of these sometimes arcane offences, such as procuring the execution of a valuable security by deception or obtaining property by deception," she says.
We want to see stalking being made a statutory offence instead of being part of a breach of the peace.
The Grabiner report, the Informal Economy, was produced last year and advocated that fraudulent evasion of income tax should become a statutory offence to be tried before a magistrate.
Calls for there to be a statutory offence of manslaughter have been growing for some time with the Government pledging, when in opposition, that it would introduce a new crime of corporate killing.
Gary Withey, David Grier, David Whitehouse, Paul Clark and Ahmad are also accused of statutory offences under the Companies Act 2006 and the Criminal Justice and Licencing (Scotland) Act 2010.
To maintain order at the immigration detention facilities in the State under the MoU the NSWPF will respond to extraordinary and coronial incidents, and investigate NSW statutory offences.
Military tribunals are tribunals of exception, that is to say tribunals that derogate from the penal system usually in place for the prosecution of civilian offenders charged with Criminal Code of Canada or statutory offences.
The justification for strict liability in regards to statutory offences seems to also be applicable to the WADC.
To achieve this objective, the legislation repealed certain outdated common law crimes such as rape and indecent assault and replaced them with new, extended statutory offences.
Prof Gillespie said: "The new Act will help tackle those who seek to procure children over the internet for sexual purposes by providing for the first time two statutory offences of procurement and grooming.
Under the terms of the MOU, NSW Police Force will respond to extraordinary and coronial incidents at IDFs located within New South Wales and investigate NSW statutory offences, while the AFP will respond to routine incidents that occur in these facilities.
The legislation repealed outdated common law crimes, created new statutory offences and amended criminal procedural law in order to afford victims 'the maximum and least traumatising protection that the law can provide' (Section 2 of the Sexual Offences Act).
The Bill also introduces inclusion of specific statutory offences involving fronting and other forms of fraudulent misrepresentation of empowerment status and the specification of penalties and blacklisting of entities and/or management for those offences.