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the body of laws created by legislative statutes

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State implementation of federal statutory law and the incorporation of state law within federal statutory schemes are allocation-of-power strategies used by Congress to make federal legislation more effective; but they also restrain the breadth of national control and make legislation more politically palatable.
The 1874 Arkansas Constitution, which, of course, has precedence over statutory law, says, 'The sessions of each house and of committees of the whole shall be open unless when the business is such as ought to be kept secret.
California's landmark conservation banking program, launched by executive order in 1995, was the first of its kind nationwide -- but until now was never part of statutory law.
The resolution also noted Overton chaired the Supreme Court's Matrimonial Commission from 1981-86, that made recommendations to the Legislature to improve the law of mediation, arbitration, and equitable distribution, which were adopted and are now statutory law in Florida.
However, the PPACA in most critical care scenarios simply determines who will pay for the care that statutory law has guaranteed through emergency rooms since 1986.
There is no legislation or statutory law in India for posthumous sperm retrieval/ assisted reproduction
The statutory law of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) is a case in point.
National Public Radio commemorated the anniversary by airing critics and defenders of Washington's violation of US statutory law, the Geneva Conventions, and the US Constitution.
In the course of executing the sales agreement the respective employees are planned to be transferred to the HiTech Group's local affiliate, too, however with German, Austrian and Italian labor law respectively continuing to applv according to statutory law.
Codified or statutory law does little to offer us insights, since statutory law is generally viewed as prescribing behavior not developing a semantic dictionary.
Under a statutory law, migrant workers from the island nation have to register themselves with the SLBFE prior to their departure for overseas work posts.
In the appeal, Gisha draws attention to the state's obligation to maintain equality and freedom of worship with respect to access to sites that are holy to all religions, under statutory law, case law and international human rights law.
I wrote a more vitriolic moan than this but, having contacted the head office, I received a reply stating that 'any items which are faulty are covered by statutory law and, of course, the store should have exchanged these or offered a refund'.
In this entire debate, the legal status of the Hyde Amendment itself is a matter of key importance: Introduced in 1976 by the late Henry Hyde, an Illinois Republican, it is not a statutory law but an annual amendment to the appropriations bill for Health and Human Services.
THIS year's Richard Dimbleby memorial lecture, broadcast last Sunday, sought to re-buff the main argument against death choice modifications to statutory law.
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