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a record of the whole body of legislation in a given jurisdiction

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Many lawyers passed the bar exams by memorizing long provisions in the statute books without understanding what they were memorizing.
Statute books and a commentary on the law currently applicable in Kosovo is being compiled together with Kosovar experts.
HRCP demands that the government takes urgent measures towards abolition of capital punishment in Pakistan , including deletion of the death penalty from the statute books, at least for all but the most serious offences.
There is no written law concerning 'wasta', and anyone who didn't live here, but read the statute books and the Press, wouldn't know it existed.
The Queen's speech sets out the government's legislative programme for the new session of parliament and, with the general election due by June 3 next year at the latest, ministers have little time to ensure legislation reaches the statute book.
You would imagine however that it wouldn't be left for up three centuries to get rid of some of the more arcane and ridiculous laws which still sit on the statute books, but have absolutely no relevance today.
The Labour Party has consistently passed EU legislation on to our Statute books without any debate in Parliament.
Small wonder that Milton Friedman refers to the minimum wage law as 'the most anti-Negro law on our statute books.
The law we were all prosecuted under is so old and archaic that it doesn't even appear on the statute books any more.
A spokesman for the Attorney General said the Government was trying to update the statute books.
The replacement cost of 1,632 statute books is estimated at $22,391, which includes a 50 percent discount offered by West Publishing for the volumes it publishes.
The ruling Liberals are not keen to put such a contentious law on the statute books with a federal election due within six months.
The race to put the Government's controversial Gambling Bill onto the statute books has effectively neutered plans for super-casinos across Wales and England.
This came into force on January 1, but has to be written into national statute books in a uniform way.
A compulsory licensing scheme for gangmasters proposed by MP Jim Sheridan in a Private Member's Bill has just passed onto the statute books.