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a record of the whole body of legislation in a given jurisdiction

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Consent The Minister of State for Home, Haribhai Parathibhai Chaudhary, on Monday, informed Parliament that the Law Commission of India, in its 210th report, had recommended that Section 309 (attempt to commit suicide) of the Indian Penal Code needs to be effaced from the Statute Book.
The Conservatives always wanted to destroy the most hated achievement of socialism from the statute book and, with the help of the Lib Dems, they will probably do so.
We are the first country in the world to open up its statute book in this way, and this is an amazing dataset.
Summary: Legislation being tabled this autumn will place the sovereignty of the British Parliament on the statute book for the first time.
uk - to enable visitors to find information about everything on the statute book under a single source.
At the Lord Mayor of London's annual dinner for judges, to an audience which included Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor Jack Straw, Sir Igor made a plea to future governments to reduce laws reaching the statute book.
And I could even warm towards him if I thought he'd ever taken the trouble to sit down and fully comprehend the Premier League's statute book.
It will not get government support and therefore stands no chance of getting onto the statute book," said one c-store expert.
of Dayton) present case material relevant to US bankruptcy and related law alongside notes and problems that the student is expected to answer with statute book also in hand.
THE EUROPEAN Union's (EU) fiercely contested revisions to its working time directive started their final journey to the statute book this month (April).
The most common social reasons, such as not being married, poverty, already having three children or overcrowded accommodation, are being removed from the statute book.
Summing up on the situation of getting corporate killing onto the statute book Mike McCartney Chairperson said;
The new Food Safety Act reached our Statute Book back in the summer and the first parts of it come into force at the beginning of next year.
MORE than 800 dead laws, some of which date back to the 14th century, should be swept away in a bid to clear up the statute book, a report said today.
Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs want the rule taken off football's statute book.