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Synonyms for status

Synonyms for status

positioning of one individual vis-à-vis others

the level of credit or respect at which one is regarded by others

an established position from which to operate or deal with others

a person's high standing among others

manner of being or form of existence

Synonyms for status

a state at a particular time


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This status, together with the next two statuses of the framework (Obtaining and Maintaining), derive from Danley and Anthony's (1987) Choose-Get-Keep model for employment of persons in psychiatric rehabilitation (Beveridge et al.
An individual may be in the Exiting status a number of times over the course of her or his career and may consider exiting while in other statuses (e.
Having examined the six statuses of the INCOME framework and career development theory concepts that are applicable to each of these statuses, I present some examples of career interventions that are pertinent to each status.
Moreover, the same intervention technique can serve different functions for persons in different statuses.
First, in which INCOME status or statuses is the individual engaged, and in which of these statuses is the problem located?
The degree of consistency between the empirical results and the model's assumptions was evaluated in two ways: (a) degree of association between continuous measures of the statuses and of exploration and commitment, and (b) consistency of categorical identity status classifications between the direct and derived measures.
Within each cluster of domains (ideological, interpersonal, and overall), each participant's scores for the four statuses are converted to standard scores.
To test the hypothesis that the identity statuses would relate to exploration and commitment in ways consistent with the status model, a correlation matrix among the EIPQ and EQM-EIS-II scales, reported separately by domain cluster (ideological, interpersonal, and overall), was computed.
25 or greater), consistent patterns of relationships between the statuses and the underlying dimensions emerged across the three sets of domains.