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a drive to acquire power

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For a given set of preferences for status, closing off financial means to status will lead people to do their status seeking on other margins--margins that are not necessarily benign.
In the later poetry as well as in The Country Parson, which Malcolmson examines carefully, Herbert's self-understanding shifts from gentility to "holiness," that is, he abandons the language of status seeking for a language that erases any distinction between interior piety and exterior vocation.
It explains a lot of status seeking behaviors as rational.
sure, some of this interest is idle and superficial, an aspect of social climbing and status seeking, the Higher Shopping.
However, a much higher percentage of the status seeking customers in this study pay finance charges (97 percent).
Status seeking customers were the most frequent shoppers at 13.
Few would disagree with Pal's conclusions that state financial sponsorship has not only enhanced the organizational development and political mobilization of women's, multicultural, and official-language groups but also elevated a politics of identity and status seeking.
The ability to engage in emulatory display is clearly limited by the resources available and the resources devoted to status seeking must not be so great as to destroy the organization through a failure to perform its mandated goals.
Thus the ideas of emulatory status seeking applied to the workplace can explain much of the divergence between the ideal of a humane workplace and the actual experience of the workplace for most people.