status seeking

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a drive to acquire power

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Another consideration in the drive toward adolescent risk-taking behavior may be related to a natural increase in status seeking, Dr.
Can we also be assured that our status seeking universities will not want to emulate Harvard and Yale by turning away a qualified student in favor of a poorly prepared, affluent and well-connected one like George W.
To the extent that competition and status seeking are inherent in human nature, those drives in a world of nanotech abundance will have to be satisfied in new ways.
In the later poetry as well as in The Country Parson, which Malcolmson examines carefully, Herbert's self-understanding shifts from gentility to "holiness," that is, he abandons the language of status seeking for a language that erases any distinction between interior piety and exterior vocation.
These early adopters, as described by Forrester Research, are primarily driven by three primary factors: risk taking (a desire for new experiences), information gathering (researching and sharing advice) and status seeking (social envy).