status epilepticus

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a condition in which there are continuing attacks of epilepsy without intervals of consciousness

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The patient had additional refractory seizure activity, progressing to status epilepticus.
Multi-center, randomized, double blind trials were designed to determine the most effect and/or least effective treatments of established status epilepticus in a patient older than the age of two years as opposed to comparing fosphenytoin, levetiracetam and valproate.
A diagnosis of complex partial status epilepticus was reported according to the EEG recording (Fig.
When combining the results of the 4 years of the study, the causes of death in the HIV-positive patients included meningitis (58%), strokes (14%), space-occupying lesions (8%), status epilepticus (7%) and PML (5%) (Fig.
An important goal of this field has been to identify the molecular mechanism by which status epilepticus transforms a brain from normal to epileptic," said study author James O.
Surgical therapy of status epilepticus is increasingly reported in the literature.
A febrile status epilepticus in an otherwise neurologically normal child has not been found to significantly increase the risk for further convulsions.
Among the topics discussed are seizures and status epilepticus, neurological complications of electrolytes, spinal cord disease in the hospitalized patient, managing traumatic brain injury, and the diagnosis of brain death.
Here, we report two cases of vivax malaria with unusual presentations--one with acute gastroenteritis without fever at presentation and the other with fever, generalized convulsive status epilepticus and isolated bilateral sixth cranial nerve palsy, as cerebral malaria.
McNamara reviewed a series of animal studies showing that activation of the tyrosine receptor kinase TrkB immediately following status epilepticus is both necessary and sufficient to produce temporal lobe epilepsy later in life (J.
The role of magnesium for non-eclamptic seizures in pregnancy is not clear but it is not usually considered in the management of status epilepticus (7).
Clonic status epilepticus which may be accompanied by apnea is the most prominent seizure type.
At the highest dose (4 micromol), PS produced status epilepticus (SE) and severe behavioral convulsions.
Anticonvulsant effect of nimodipine alone and in combination with diazepam and phenytion in a mouse model of status epilepticus.