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Synonyms for status

Synonyms for status

positioning of one individual vis-à-vis others

the level of credit or respect at which one is regarded by others

an established position from which to operate or deal with others

a person's high standing among others

manner of being or form of existence

Synonyms for status

a state at a particular time


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8220;This is a very exciting, and very busy time for Status, as we align our company and products under Status Global Insurance to present a cohesive brand image as we grow,” says Paul O'Sullivan, Director at Status.
A Status of Women section was established in the Department of Secretary of State in 1973, in response to a recommendation in the 1970 Royal Commission Report on the Status of Women.
Others with high status have not had the problem differentiating their status from their value.
The school board moved the 70 temporary teachers to probationary status last month, and the teachers will start in the fall with tenure.
The status of iNforming encompasses attaining the first two of Parsons's (1909) "three broad factors" in the choice of a vocation: "(1) a clear understanding of yourself, your aptitudes, abilities, interests, ambitions, resources, limitations, and their causes; (2) a knowledge of the requirements and conditions of success, advantages and disadvantages, compensation, opportunities, and prospects in different lines of work" (p.
Moving Zone A Status 1A and 1B patients ahead of Local Status 2 patients is predicted to prevent 59 deaths per year nationally (1 of every 14 deaths), with fewer deaths in each of the OPTN regions.
When the analyses were stratified by race or ethnicity, findings regarding nativity status were similar to those in the initial analyses.
When a non-queued command is issued, the drive transfers the associated data, clears the busy (BSY) bit in the Status register and notifies the host that the command was completed.
Often an employer conducts enrollment and provides eligibility data to the administrator, relying on the administrator to monitor ongoing qualifications such as full-time student status and coordination of benefits.
The Materiel Condition Status Report (MCSR) reports equipment status that also constitutes the equipment portion of the Unit Status Report.
The department published the status report on its Web site just days after former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge cited his Fifth Amendment right in response to allegations that he and detectives working under him tortured more than 100 black and Latino suspects.
and 8 = 50 and over); sex (1 = male; 2 = female); marital status (1 = married; 2 = single; 3 = divorced; 4 = separated; and 5 widowed); and, number of children (measured as a continuous variable.
However, we see many insurance policies with fundamental, structural problems, involving such "small stuff," but nonetheless critically important issues as the Named Insured and Additional Insured status in liability insurance policies.
The remaining strategies available to healthcare providers would be to consider another nonimmigrant (temporary) visa category or, perhaps better, pursue permanent residence status (green cards) on behalf of foreign national employees.
Each identity status represents a specific level of exploration (high or low) crossed with a specific level of commitment.