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Synonyms for status

Synonyms for status

positioning of one individual vis-à-vis others

the level of credit or respect at which one is regarded by others

an established position from which to operate or deal with others

a person's high standing among others

manner of being or form of existence

Synonyms for status

a state at a particular time


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Status Save For WhatsApp Users can save any WhatsApp status in a single way or multiple statuses together also can share this status to a whatsapp contact.
The status will appear next to your name in the direct messages menu so people will be able to see what you're up to.
The new Status feature will not be hidden like it currently is.
While the sub-brands, and products, will retain their current names, bringing them all together under Status Global Insurance will improve overall brand recognition throughout the many countries in which they operate.
Its purpose was to prevent C corporations from converting to S status to avoid Sec.
Status relates to one's identity, whereas value relates to one's worth.
Her organization has lobbied for Status of Women to be abolished entirely, because it believes the agency is based on the false premise that women are victims of a patriarchal society and need outside support and recognition (Brockville Recorder, August 24, 2006; Nat.
School board member Chuck Sambar said the district must keep some teachers on temporary status, but it moved to shrink the pool of such teachers because some had been on temporary status for five years.
Imagining is the status in which the person becomes aware that work, occupations, and jobs exist or that occupations or jobs that she or he was not formerly aware of exist.
Patient and Donor Affairs Board Representative Paul Oldam, a Status 1 patient on the waiting list, strongly supported the change.
Tag values can range from 0 to 31--although the drive can support a queue depth of less than 32--allowing the status for all commands to be reported in one 32-bit value.
For Asians, however, the odds were elevated by 29% among immigrants, and for whites, nativity status was not significantly associated with the likelihood that a baby was low-birth-weight.
The taxpayer reiterated that V&M's S corporation status ended when it entered bankruptcy proceedings but now used the argument that V&M no longer met the eligibility requirements under the Internal Revenue Code.
A dependent child's future termination date was entered into the claims system as the maximum age for a full-time student; but no investigation was performed to confirm whether the dependent actually had full-time student status.
Your unit's monthly AMSS report consists of the Equipment Usage and the Material Condition Status Report (MCSR) data.