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a small carved or molded figure


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I dragged myself upstairs to bed past the indefatigable statuette holding up the ever-miserable light.
I had flown; so had the gold brick, the jewelled belt, and the silver statuette.
Raffles wished him good-morning, as well he might; for he had been upstairs to wash his face and hands; and in the prize-fighter's great hat and fur coat he might have marched round Scotland Yard itself, in spite of his having the gold brick from Sacramento in one pocket, the silver statuette of Maguire in the other, and round his waist the jewelled belt presented to that worthy by the State of Nevada.
He wrote no answer at all but a day or two afterward he found in a curiosity shop a grotesque little statuette in ivory, of the sixteenth century, which he sent off to Babcock without a commentary.
There was absolutely nothing else on the large flat surface except a little bronze statuette draped in a toga, mysteriously watchful in its shadowy immobility.
In the friendliest manner he is making himself quite at home with his back to the fire, executing a statuette of the Colossus at Rhodes.
On a tiny satinwood table stood a statuette by Clodion, and beside it lay a copy of Les Cent Nouvelles, bound for Margaret of Valois by Clovis Eve and powdered with the gilt daisies that Queen had selected for her device.
It missed him by an inch, and crashed against a plaster statuette of the Infant Samuel on the top of the piano.
AP) -- Winners of the Screen Actors Guild Awards often remark on their statuettes -- their green-black appearance, their hefty weight -- but the awards start out in a decidedly different state: as molten metal.
Almost every ceremony has thrown up surprise winners, sensational snubs and other memorable moments since the first of around 3,000 statuettes was given out in 1929.
The petitioner informed the court that the statuettes of Dancing Girl and King Priest were dug out from Moen-jo-Daro in 1926.
Two 17th century ivory statuettes are at risk of being exported from the UK unless a buyer can be found to match the asking price of 1.
Polich Tallix, Rock Tavern, New York, produced the Oscar statuettes for this year's Academy Awards.
6124 - members of the academy who are eligible to vote 50- Oscar statuettes created for the ceremony 13.
Washington, Feb 27 ( ANI ): The making of over 50 statuettes for the winners of the Academy Awards demands a lot of attention and effort from the workers at Chicago's R.