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Synonyms for statuette

a small carved or molded figure


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I dragged myself upstairs to bed past the indefatigable statuette holding up the ever-miserable light.
I had flown; so had the gold brick, the jewelled belt, and the silver statuette.
Raffles wished him good-morning, as well he might; for he had been upstairs to wash his face and hands; and in the prize-fighter's great hat and fur coat he might have marched round Scotland Yard itself, in spite of his having the gold brick from Sacramento in one pocket, the silver statuette of Maguire in the other, and round his waist the jewelled belt presented to that worthy by the State of Nevada.
A vigilant hand had, as usual, kept the fire alive and the lamp trimmed; and the room, with its rows and rows of books, its bronze and steel statuettes of "The Fencers" on the mantelpiece and its many photographs of famous pictures, looked singularly home-like and welcoming.
Within these shelves, or long, horizontal niches, stood row upon row of small figures, appearing like tiny, grotesque statuettes of men, their long, black hair falling below their feet and sometimes trailing to the shelf beneath.
He made a show of examining the arms against the walls, the brocaded hangings with their wonderful design of faded gold, the ivory statuettes, the black god who sat on his haunches and into whose face seemed carved some dumb but eternal power.
The top was ornamented by vases, candelabra, and statuettes, in pairs, placed in a row.
It was not more than six feet high, and the top was adorned with statuettes in marble, ranged at regular distances one from the other.
cried Holmes, in a sharp tone, and the six dirty little scoundrels stood in a line like so many disreputable statuettes.
As usual, an edible Oscar statuette will be the dessert feature.
CALIFORNIA CITY - With horn blaring and a cloud of dust trailing, Maria Paula Acuna arrives in the barren desert north of California City in a dark green Dodge Caravan filled with flowers and a lace-covered statuette of the Virgin Mary.
However, John Pavlik, spokesman for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, wants to make clear that the statuette ``wasn't really an Oscar - it was a counterfeit Oscar being used in an inappropriate way.
Sassy country diva Shania Twain won the statuette for entertainer of the year.
has manufactured the 18-inch tall Academy Award statuette since 1983, replacing the Dodge Trophy Co.
Holding the statuette aloft, he said that winning it was ``worthwhile no matter what happens,'' referring to his Academy Award nomination.