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As the nobleman of cultivated taste surrounds himself with whatever conduces to his culture -- genius -- learning -- wit -- books -- paintings -- statuary -- music -- philosophical instruments, and the like; so let the village do -- not stop short at a pedagogue, a parson, a sexton, a parish library, and three selectmen, because our Pilgrim forefathers got through a cold winter once on a bleak rock with these.
He was solidly dazed by Westminster Abbey, which is not so unnatural since that church became the lumber room of the larger and less successful statuary of the eighteenth century.
Bucket, moving towards the staircase-foot, watches her as she goes up the steps the old man came down to his grave, past murderous groups of statuary repeated with their shadowy weapons on the wall, past the printed bill, which she looks at going by, out of view.
Starting thirty years ago with ownership here and there in a few quilts and pumpkins and chickens (gathered from miscellaneous sources), remember the path that has led from these to the inventions and production of agricultural implements, buggies, steam-engines, newspapers, books, statuary, carving, paintings, the management of drug-stores and banks, has not been trodden without contact with thorns and thistles.
Several tinkling fountains could be seen, and there were pleasant walks bordered by rows of white marble statuary.
Buyers were cautious due to the issuance of statuary release order (SRO) for duty free import of cotton while soaring world prices prevented sellers in the promise of a higher future rate.
The University's statuary body has already approved the new additions, this was announced by the Vice Chancellor Prof.
Two laundry workshops at Kwai Hei Street in Kwai Chung, which ignored the statuary notice requirements and failed to install properly designed chimneys for their exhausts, were fined a total of $10,000 by Fanling Magistrates' Courts today (September 26) for contravening the Air Pollution Control Ordinance (APCO).
In sections on practices of deposition and reuse, regional perspectives, and grand narratives, they consider such topics as sculptural deposition and lime kilns at Roman villas in Italy and the western provinces in late antiquity, Christianity and the fate of sculpture in late antique Corinth, the fate of classical statues in late antique and Byzantine Sicily: the cases of Catania and Arigento, the shifting use of a genre: a comparison of statuary decor in homes and baths of the late Roman West, and travelers' accounts of Roman statuary in the Near East and North Africa: from limbo and destruction to museum heaven.
Although made of stone, iron, or bronze, such statuary softens the landscape.
Room settings have been recreated in the marquee and spectacular garden statuary and military cannons adorn the approach and entrance.
This is the cult of the flags and statuary and street names of the Union army and its own generals and their war against the Confederacy.
The ponderously named Statuary Hall Study Commission was no doubt happy last week to hand state lawmakers the final job of deciding which two historic figures should represent Oregon in a national collection on display at the U.
The tenure of Chaturvedi, a Haryana cadre officer of the 2002 batch, was to have lasted Prime Services repeated parliamentary statuary AIIMS revocation till June 2016.
The Tehran Municipality has ordered its Beautification Office to stop installing Chinese-made statuary in public areas around Tehran.