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mechanical device consisting of the stationary part of a motor or generator in or around which the rotor revolves

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Theoretical analysis of direct torque refers to the coordinate transformation of coordinate system diagram, just like what illustrated in Figure 2, among which A, B, C is three phase stator static coordinate system; [alpha], [beta] is two phase static stator coordinate system, [alpha] axis is defined on the A axis relative to the stator winding; x, y is two phase stator ([w.
An opening in the center of the stator has to Pelle and Harmand [14] experimentally show the improvement of heat transfer even locally.
The mechanism of measurement is described as indirect electrical method of partial discharge diagnostics and is useful for localization of damaged bar or slot and its insulation system respectively within stator winding of generators.
With an established customer base across Europe, the full range includes rotors, stators, coupling rods, shafts, pins/bushes, seals and drive train assemblies.
The RMS stator flux ripples over a subcycle corresponding to the above sequences are given in (5).
When you replace a stator but don't solve the circuit problem, you can kiss the new stator goodbye.
in April, has been entrusting the work to repair stator vanes to a P&W subsidiary in Singapore since 1999.
Japan Airlines has been ordered by the Japanese authorities to replace all the stator vanes that were repaired, reports Kyodo News.
Although we learned in school that magnets were always bipolar and so magnetically induced motion would always end in a locked state of equilibrium, Minato explains that he has finetuned the positioning of the magnets and the timing of pulses to the stators to the point where the repulsion between the rotor and the stator (the fixed outer magnetic ring) is transitory.
The new system accomplishes the task by automating most of the manufacturing process, including welding and insulating stator laminations, coil winding, testing, and insertion into the motor housing.
More fuel-efficient engine, new free wheel stator torque converter lower fuel cost per ton
The elasticity of the stator enables the pump to handle abrasive or solids-laden fluids with great success, resulting in improved pump reliability and sustained efficiency over a prolonged period of time.
The sensor is located in the stator housing to detect any humidity in the stator.
The self-pumping portable unit features rotor/stator-based technology with multiple stator configurations available.
In robots, the stator attaches to an arm and the magnetically imprisoned flotor carries a gripper or some other tool.