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mechanical device consisting of the stationary part of a motor or generator in or around which the rotor revolves

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Two models of the three phase induction motor stators between different stator slot size used in this investigation.
The ANSYS finite element analysis software was used to simulate temperature effect on the clearance between the stator and rotor.
Consequently, excitation rotor field coil directly from stator coil is suggested.
The stator steel losses are caused by the hysteresis and eddy-currents in the stator core [7, 9],
The idea behind vector control is that the stator current of the induction motor is decomposed into orthogonal components as a magnetization component (flux producing) and a torque component.
Motors may have three input power taps for low, medium and high speed, each tap is wired internally to aggregate the stator windings into a specific number of poles, so that the different taps cause the motor to operate with a different number of poles and thus at a different speed.
The intent of this paper is to investigate the impact of SAGE forms, including rotor offset, stator concave deformation, stator convex deformation, stator ellipse deformation, and mixed SAGE composed of rotor offset and stator deformation, on the rotor UMP characteristics.
Theoretical analysis of direct torque refers to the coordinate transformation of coordinate system diagram, just like what illustrated in Figure 2, among which A, B, C is three phase stator static coordinate system; [alpha], [beta] is two phase static stator coordinate system, [alpha] axis is defined on the A axis relative to the stator winding; x, y is two phase stator ([w.
rdq] represent respectively the rotor voltage' s positive and negative sequence components in SRF; [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] represent respectively the stator current's positive and negative sequence components in SRF; [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] represent respectively the rotor current's positive and negative sequence components in SRF; [[PSI].
Complex geometry, non-linear behavior of core materials and actual representation of winding distribution on the stator slots can be efficiently modeled using FEM.
The gantry collapsed while turning, dropping the stator onto the turbine floor and, along with death and injury, also caused significant damage to the building and its systems.
Topologies for double-sided AFPM machines are axial-flux one-stator-two-rotor (this structure is a type of TORUS) and two-stator-one-rotor, which is known as axial-flux interior rotor (AFIR) [14], while either of the two arrangements (external stator or external rotor) is practical.
The range now includes high and low resolution versions (14 to 21 bit options); IP67 integral cable; servo clamp format with plain rotor; a 55[degrees]C operating temperature option; and mix-and-match rotor and stator mechanical formats.
A new rotary actuator (also called a rotary solenoid) promises to boost speed, precision and response while slashing costs by one third, thanks to a new stator design.