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a table of statistical data

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The Census & Statistics Department has launched the online interactive data dissemination service for the 2011 Population Census for free use, enabling data users to produce statistical tables with their own data specifications.
This updated 17th edition includes new ranking topics, new statistical table topics, and new categories such as corporate and motor vehicle taxes, legal services, and the addition of S&P and Fitch to municipal bond ratings.
22, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) released Federal Justice Statistics, 2011C 2012; Federal Justice Statistics, 2011 C Statistical Tables; and Federal Justice Statistics, 2012 C Statistical Tables.
Expressions of interest for Consulting services for develop developing of methodological recommendations for introduction into Russian practice of statistical tables for calculation Processes to estimate accuracy of Macroeconomic indicators.
Appendices provide statistical tables and charts, bibliography, and exercise answers.
Chapter problems and an appendix of statistical tables are included.
Detailed Statistical Tables NSF 09-311; National Science Foundation, Division of Science Resources Statistics, Arlington, VA.
Also "2008 Latin America-Telecoms and Fixed Line Statistics" offering 123 statistical tables for markets in 26 countries, extracted from annual reports.
Bowen did not present the statistical tables, which are available on the Grayson-Jockey Club website, at the summit.
Also, LexisNexis has released a new online service, LexisNexis Statistical Data-Sets, that is designed to enable researchers to build statistical tables from multiple sources in a single interface.
Statistical Year Book - Emirate of Dubai 2005 consists of 584 pages, with 18 chapters, 276 statistical tables and 90 graphics in addition to a general index for Dubai.
Black-and-white photographs and statistical tables offer extra insight into the text, which provides a brief overview of Scandinavian religious customs, festivals, place names, humor, and other contributions to Michigan culture.
The error-resolved data are used to create statistical tables that are published annually with descriptive text and technical notes.
The publication includes extensive statistical tables that are accompanied by definitions, sources, and explanations of symbols.
Nevertheless, Tebeau takes great pains to demonstrate that between the 1870s and the 1940s firefighting became a profession: he deploys statistical tables (showing that firefighting careers became "longer over time" and that "firefighters' separation from the fire service" increasingly became voluntary) to demonstrate that by the twentieth century firefighting was a distinct occupation with its own culture, routines, and procedures.
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