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Agency says Bayesian statistical methods could trim costs, boost efficiency
It is likely to be of little use, however, to readers seeking an introductory "how to" on statistical methods.
Statistical Methods for Spatial Data Analysis offers plenty of information for the analysis of spatial data in a variety of disciplines.
The analysis using the DOE statistical method allowed them to discover which factors significantly influenced the formation and Heliotest values.
Streamer1 is continuous-quality-improvement software that uses a variety of multivariate predictive and experimental statistical methods to optimize processes.
Statistical methods can then be used to make weighting adjustments for variations in sample size (Mantel-Haenzel-Peto) or to explore the implication of both multiple biases across studies and varying levels of uncertainty about these biases (Confidence Profile Method).
Statistical methods in practice; for scientists and technologists.
The researchers then analyzed the data using a second statistical method to account for changes in a given individual's blood pressure over time.
That pattern held in each statistical method of tree building that the researchers tried.
Now, psychologists Julie Milton of the University of Edinburgh and Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield, England, have pooled the results of 30 ganzfeld experiments using a statistical method called metanalysis.
2003) explain that representativity and homogeneity are basic requirements for (Q)SAR modeling, regardless of the statistical method used to develop the model.
For example, in the Verbal Cancellation Test, which measures attention, one statistical method showed an effect in Ohio but not in Mississippi, whereas the other statistical method showed an effect in Mississippi but not in Ohio.
Using a statistical method for organizing species according to recently evolved anatomical features they share, some anthropologists place robust australopithecines into its own genus, Paranthropus.
Now, using a new statistical method known as ordered-subset analysis (OSA), researchers at the Duke University Center for Human Genetics have linked one type of autistic behavior to a specific gene (GABRB3) on chromosome 15.
They used a statistical method known as Cox proportional hazard regression modeling to estimate dose-response relationships between blood lead and all cancer mortality.
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