statistical mechanics

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the branch of physics that makes theoretical predictions about the behavior of macroscopic systems on the basis of statistical laws governing its component particles

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Characterizing emerging European stock markets through complex networks: from local properties to self-similar characteristics, Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 391(13), 3629-3637.
By compiling these interdisciplinary and quantitative papers, the editors hope to enrich the readers and academic researchers knowledge with respect to the econophysics, statistical mechanics, and quantitative economics and finance.
Hackett, "Stations, trains and small-world networks," Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications, vol.
In other words, Gibbs' statistical mechanics permitted him to derive the first and second laws of thermodynamics from the laws of classical mechanics, if a statistical approach was adopted.
Statistical mechanics, therefore, enables us to visualize this transition in a rather lucid way.
Jensen [3] as well as the nonextensive statistical mechanics invented by C.
There he built up a world-famous group that had an enormous influence on statistical mechanics and lasted for some twenty-six years.
Brilliantou and Poschel cover statistical mechanics and the kinetic theory of granular gases as it has been developed during the past decade.
In this paper the authors show by a general argument that Maxwell's thought experiment is consistent with the principles of classical statistical mechanics.
Known as statistical mechanics (more colloquially, statistical physics), this approach depends on the reliably average behavior that emerges from untrackable interactions among individuals.
Chapter topics include complexity and entropy, thermodynamics, the thermodynamics of phase transitions, equilibrium statistical mechanics, Brownian motion and fluctuation- dissipation, hydrodynamics, transport coefficients, and nonequilibrium phase transitions.
The four main chapters are topical, covering quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, quantum information theory, and quantum gravity.
Figure 3 presents a code grid of the specification of range 2 including (as the node theories) canonical mechanics (CM), classical hydromechanics (CHM), turbulence mechanics (TM), statistical mechanics (SM), statistical hydromechanics (SHM), and an additional statistical theory of the second order denoted as SM2, required to make the systemic description complete.
College-level courses in particles and systems offer a mathematical treatment updated for the study of more advanced topics in quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics and orbital mechanics with CLASSICAL MECHANICS, recommended as a classroom text or for any advanced college course on mechanics theory.
The discussion of fluctuation phenomena in statistical mechanics is particularly fine.
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