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Within statistical distributions that support higher-order moments, risk and uncertainty may be modeled according to even-numbered moments.
Unified linear regression method for the analysis of seven commonly used statistical distributions, Journal of Mechanical Strength 23: 102-106 (in Chinese).
From all of results mentioned above, we conclude that the RAO hypothesis test for NSCT subband coefficients following Cauchy statistical distribution model might be more robust and a better choice for detecting the additive spread spectrum image watermarking.
The main results have shown that the Gamma and Weibull distributions give appropriate statistical distributions of video frame sizes.
The derivation and final result in each case involves extended forms of beta, confluent hypergeometric, Gauss hypergeometric or generalized hypergeometric functions showing ample applications of these functions and further advancing statistical distribution theory.
However, as the AlCc criterion is based on a relative distance, it is useful in selecting the best statistical distribution among a set, and it is possible that all the models from the dataset will be poor in an absolute sense [30].
Additionally, the kurtosis [kappa] is commonly the significant index of statistical distribution in the clutter modeling.
The idea of introducing resampling techniques as a means of better understanding classical hypothesis testing and statistical distribution theory is innovative to say the least.
The systematic trenching work in 2011 was the break-through technique that enabled us to understand the spatial and statistical distribution of gold at Old Pirate and, as a result, this new trenching program is intended to identify significant extensions to the known resource.
The statistical distribution of these populations can be seen on a plot of cellular hemoglobin mass against cellular volume.
Denzine points out that in a forced sort situation, a normal statistical distribution will occur because of the ranking procedure that results in fewer cards being selected to represent the strongest held views of the participants.
The probability of fibre occurrence in the given area was determined with uniform statistical distribution that is a statistical distribution of probability distributed uniformly within <a, b> interval.
By fitting the company's past to a statistical distribution, I am able to calculate a probability that the company's required business performance can be delivered.
For those with smaller budgets there are a host of more basic solutions available, as well as the cheapest option of all - a do - it - yourself simulation macro that can be produced in Excel, where key inputs are varied, according to the whatever Excel statistical distribution appears most appropriate and the multitude of outputs recorded in a table.
They then worked out what's called an ergodic model representing a statistical distribution of trees in the forest - similar to those commonly used by ecologists to characterize the density of a forest.
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