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Records, statistics, documents, failing which France would have been ruined, circumlocution, without which there could be no advance, increased, multiplied, and grew majestic.
This plan, so vast apparently yet so simple in point of fact, which did away with so many large staffs and so many little offices all equally useless, required for its presentation to the public mind close calculations, precise statistics, and self-evident proof.
The statistics of this division are fractional; so let us, for the sake of convenience, make them roughly approximate.
Knobbed, misshapen and massive, it was as difficult to believe that they were not real gold as it was to believe the accompanying statistics of their weights and values.
Before he attempted to discuss either subject he had devoted to it many years of the most painstaking study--in the case of India no less than fourteen years; and his speeches, long and highly complicated, were filled with minute details and exact statistics, which his magnificent memory enabled him to deliver without notes.
These statistics, however accidental and therefore uninstructive they may appear, as they have a certain completeness, have a certain value also.
As a compensation against their romance, Miss Twinkleton, reading aloud, made the most of all the latitudes and longitudes, bearings, winds, currents, offsets, and other statistics (which she felt to be none the less improving because they expressed nothing whatever to her); while Rosa, listening intently, made the most of what was nearest to her heart.
An inferior henchman of "that brute Cheeseman" was up boring mercilessly a very thin House with some shamelessly cooked statistics.
The Statistical Centre for the Cooperation Council for the Arab Countries of the Gulf (GCC-Stat) recently hosted the first meeting of the GCC Economic Statistics Committee.
If agencies compare the collected statistics to some demographic statistic, what is the relevant demography or benchmarks?
Attempts at detecting deviations from multivariate normality, using sample evidence from a set of multivariate observations, have typically employed one of the following strategies: (1) apply univariate techniques to detect marginal univariate non-normality for each dimension, (2) utilize multivariate techniques to detect joint non-normality, or (3) employ a univariate summary statistic to test for multivariate non-normality.
Students tend to have preconceived ideas and anxieties about statistics classes that can either help or hinder their performance in a statistics course.
Further, loss ratio is not an end unto itself, but a monetary reflection of the underwriter's conformity to the underlying probability statistics.
The Census Bureau uses statistics to provide critical and timely information about the people, places and economy of the United States.
The new statistics are intended to provide more precise and timely information on the accelerations, decelerations, and turning points in state-level economic activity, including information about changes in the industrial infrastructure of states.