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The Statistical Centre for the Cooperation Council for the Arab Countries of the Gulf (GCC-Stat) recently hosted the first meeting of the GCC Economic Statistics Committee.
Statista and Statistic Brain are two statistics aggregators that gather wide-ranging sets of statistical data.
Where a statistic is produced as a "one-off' the Director General of the CSO, in consultation with the responsible public authority, may deem the statistic an official statistic if it is considered to be of public interest.
The United Nations mandated World Statistics Day, 20 October 2010 (20-10-2010), in recognition of the critical importance of official statistics to community, national and global development.
The maiden meeting of National Assembly Standing Committee on Statistics was held here at Ministry of Statistics.
This law will meet international standards in producing statistics and will update the 1999 law, he told TAP on the sidelines of the 12th African Symposium on Statistical Development (ASSD 2016), which runs from November 2 to 4 in Gammarth, on the theme "strengthening basic economic statistics for compilation of national accounts in Africa.
The 26th National Statistics Month (NSM) is observed this October, with the theme "Pagyamanin at Gamitin and Estadistika, Kalusugan para sa Lahat ay Abot-Kamay Na," focusing on government's thrust on universal health care and recognizing the efforts of official statisticians and technical personnel involved in the generation of health, wellness, and nutrition statistics.
New prototype statistics on quarterly gross domestic product (GDP) by state were released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) in September 2015.
Provision of services to support road safety statistics, intermodal transport statistics and logistics indicators, maritime transport statistics, aviation statistics, inland waterways statistics, regional transport statistics, statistics collected with the Eurostat/ITF/UNECE common questionnaire, development of modal split indicators for transport, road freight transport statistics, rail transport statistics.
5-8) Onwuegbuzie and Wilson suggested that from 67 to 80% of graduate students in the behavior and social sciences experience statistics-related anxiety when confronted with statistical content, when interpreting and applying statistics in problem situations, or when evaluating statistics in contexts.
STATISTICS are being twisted so far by headline-seeking politicians that they sometimes paint a picture that is "no longer true", MPs warned.
com/research/nfq5zd/latin_and_north) has announced the addition of the "Latin and North America Statistics and Forecasts 2007-2016" report to their offering.
Statistics of Kyrgyzstan has a sound steward in the name of Government," World Bank senior specialist for public administration Grigory Kisunko said during the Global Evaluation of Kyrgyzstan Statistics presentation at the conference on January 24.
Competency in statistics is an integral component of the scientific method and has contributed enormously to the amount and sophistication professional knowledge within the academic disciplines.
Government Statistician, Mr Festus Hangula, has said it will take five to six years for Namibia to become fully compliant with Spatial Data Determination Standards after the Statistics Bill becomes law.