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the person in charge of a railway station

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THE MORNING TRAIN TO HILI WAS PUNCTUAL, just as the stationmaster had said.
Some of the book's quandaries include the unfortunate Tenby stationmaster William Henry Williams who was killed by a flying rock as he sat quietly at his desk in 1870.
They soon become fascinated by the local railway and stationmaster Bernard Cribbins.
It developed that Anthill Ponds was principally a fertilizer dump, and the stationmaster arranged for us to sleep on a pile of empty super phosphate bags in a tin shed before catching the last train out to his own place of drunken slumber.
All also enjoys a special complicity with the French stationmaster (Bonnafet Tarboureich) at the local train station and elderly Jewish neighbors Rachel (Betty Krestinsky) and Norbert (Jean Nehr), who swear they'll never decamp, although their fellow French residents are fleeing at an ever-increasing pace.
Hamish Lunn, stationmaster at Thurso and Wick, lived a simple life, devoted to the railway from the age of 16.
The stationmaster hid them in secret areas such as behind closets, rooms under staircases and secret cellars.
Starting by selling tickets, he rose to stationmaster, then into top management and then into the government as minister of transport.
I was commanding a trainload of soldiers and equipment heading for Annual Service Practice that broke down in the middle of the night, and my interpreter and I appealed to a sleepy local stationmaster for assistance.
There is an account by a stationmaster at Schifferstadt, who recalls a woman in dark clothing asking him if he knew the family of Dean Schwind (Edith's first spiritual director), and who asked him to convey Edith Stein's greetings and to tell the family that she was on her way "to the east.
Fischl sees the more humorous aspects of a madman's antics, but at the same time he draws a pathetic portrait of a former stationmaster in Terezin who was forced to transport thousands of his own people to their death, himself going mad as a result.
His father, a railway stationmaster who died last August aged 98, was a Methodist lay preacher.
At last, I pressed my face against the window: A little fog was licking its chop, as was the stationmaster licking something.
The tales are " Vystrel " ( " The Shot " ), " Metel " ( " The Snowstorm " ), " Grobovshchik " ( " The Undertaker " ), " Stantzionnyi smotritel " ( " The Stationmaster " ), and " Baryshnya - Krest ' yanka " ( " The Lady - Rustic " ).
Pigs is Pigs," written by Ellis Parker Butler, an author and a speaker well known in his time and often billed as "America's Leading Humorist," is a humorous tale in which a bureaucratic stationmaster insists on levying the livestock rate for a shipment of two pet guinea pigs that soon start proliferating geometrically.