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a merchant who sells writing materials and office supplies

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Both Gorilla Stationers and GZMOE will still maintain their respective web domains, but the latter will be a part of a larger network of subsidiary brands under Gorilla Stationers, which is gaining momentum in the office industry as a reliable source of high-end, low-cost products.
Taken together, the chapters provide new biographies of every known printer and/or Stationer and many who were entirely unknown until Blayney turned up a document describing them.
250 million was paid to Arsalan Qureshi, Proprietor Arsalan Stationers for supply of different items for WWB.
Highway 51 between Summit and McComb, Holmes Stationers still exudes the small-town charm and service that generations of Pike County residents know and cherish.
The firm, which is based in Hollingbury, Brighton, started life as Sussex Stationers in 1938 and grew during the 1980s and 1990s into a regional South East-based chain.
Under the new contract, local office suppliers who are members of the Independent Stationers cooperative will fulfill orders placed by public agencies.
United Stationers Inc (NASDAQ:USTR), a wholesale distributor of business products, reported on Monday that its subsidiary United Stationers Supply Co has acquired software solutions provider MBS Dev Inc for USD15m.
Central Stationers has been trading in Darlington for 25 years, while Wallis Business Services is now entering its 43rd year.
In other cases the text is well-known but the common interpretation of it, when placed into the history of authorial agency, is called into question: Milton's Areopagitica, for example, turns out to be a defense not of authorial, but of stationers,' copyright.
However, United Stationers held that software development satisfies the statutory technological-information requirement only if "the research is intended to expand or refine existing principles of computer science" and the resulting information is "of broad effect.
The Commission's investigation into the acquisition concluded that the merged entity will face sufficient competition from the other main contract stationers not to raise significant concerns.
Mark Ockelmann has joined Willamette Stationers in Eugene as a retail specialist.
who, in turn, buy from two distributors: United Stationers and SP Richards.
IN UNITED STATIONERS, THE DISTRICT COURT SAID the taxpayer did not qualify for the research credit because its software development activities did not satisfy the discovery and process of experimentation requirements.
Curry notes that astrology's brief moment of broad-based popularity occurred during the Interregnum when the monopoly over the marketing of written materials concerning astrology exercised by the Company of Stationers had been revoked.