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a merchant who sells writing materials and office supplies

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Central Stationers of Darlington, which employs 12 has combined resources with Wallis Business Services, which already has branches in York and Malton employing 55 people.
The machinations by which Greville served as literary executor and Ponsonby as unofficial stationer to the Sidney circle, for example, helped clarify what it meant for Sidney to have been a poet by envisioning him as an author whose heritable rights were allied with, yet distinct from, the economic rights of his publisher.
United Stationers common stock trades on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol USTR.
250 million of different items from Arsalan Stationers.
A wholesale distributor of business products, United Stationers registered $5 billion net sale during 2011.
Under the new contract, local office suppliers who are members of the Independent Stationers cooperative will fulfill orders placed by public agencies.
who, in turn, buy from two distributors: United Stationers and SP Richards.
IN UNITED STATIONERS, THE DISTRICT COURT SAID the taxpayer did not qualify for the research credit because its software development activities did not satisfy the discovery and process of experimentation requirements.
magistrate's opinion used a questionable reading of the legislative history to deny the credit for costs of developing software to automate and computerize a wholesaler's business operations (United Stationers, DC Ill.
Curry notes that astrology's brief moment of broad-based popularity occurred during the Interregnum when the monopoly over the marketing of written materials concerning astrology exercised by the Company of Stationers had been revoked.
We are very excited to announce the beginning of our journey to a new unified brand identity," said Cody Phipps, President and CEO, United Stationers.
PESHAWAR -- NAB Khyber Pakhtunkhwa arrested Arsalan Qureshi, Proprietor Arsalan Stationers a co-accused for his alleged involvement in sub-standard, fake and fraudulent purchase of different items including Scientific Equipment, Electrical Instruments, Computers, Refrigerators etc for Worker Welfare Board, (WWB) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
One of the crucial contributions Loewenstein makes to Ben Jonson studies involves his untangling of the competitive efforts of printers and stationers to corner the rights to Jonson's texts.
United Stationers had developed the software to automate certain business operations, including document management, order processing and invoicing, marketing and inventory control.
Cody Phipps President and Chief Executive Officer or Todd Shelton Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer United Stationers Inc.