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the police sergeant on duty in a police station

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Our tour of the summit takes us past the weather station that made headlines in winter 1922 following the murders of the station keeper and his wife (murders that remain unsolved to this day after the only suspect committed suicide).
Wolfing down the grub, taking an aspirin where necessary, we recharged and made some photos outside the station with the friendly station keeper whose name, sadly, I can't recall.
Her background includes work with filmmaker Jim Sheridan, whom she repays with a small role as a station keeper in the film.
But Blyth were a different side after the break and pulled one back from the penalty spot through David Atkinson, before Morien left the Station keeper slumped on the turf shaking his head in disbelief with the ball in the back of the net six further times.
The beauty of these two aircraft is that the addition of higher-technology weapons has enhanced them and that they are excellent station keepers with visually acquired targets of concern.